Friday, December 31, 2004

Kava Kavaahhhh

I am up at 12:30 pm when I should definitely by asleep. I am a single mom who works full time and end up wide awake as I try to go to sleep. every night. My brain takes over and starts to I balance my finances, then I skip to calculating all the equity in my property, next up is a deep analysis of friends I don't make a big enough effort to talk to, etc. etc. Per usual about the time I cave in and let sleep take over my son will start crying. It's a sick form of torture.

I am a Bostonian. I LOVE that city. I don't live there anymore and find myself in deep caves of homesickness often to the point where I want to flag down someone driving by me with a Massachusetts license plate. I resist the urge. Alas, I have moved to a city where people never walk and expect to be able to park their giant SUV anywhere they go. This couldn't be any more opposite than the way Bostonians schlep to work every day. I have friends who ride their BIKES in the middle of the winter to the bus stop, which will then take them to a train station where they will depart a warm train to walk in the snow to their downtown office location. Once inside at their cozy cube they remove their boots and pull their nice heels out of their messenger bag to wear around the office. This is the norm. In the summer the boots are replaced with SNEAKERS. not tennis shoes folks. SNEAKERS.

There are a few general types of guys in Boston. Obviously there are many kinds as it is quite an international city - however there a few general categories a majority fall into. The first being "The Local". This guy was born in Southie, Medford, Revere, etc. and has lived in this town all their life. He possesses a massive Boston accent and wears a leather jacket when his down-filled Patriots jacket is at the cleaners. This guy is probably a union-something-or-other. His brothers are cops or work for the phone company just like their dad. His idea of traveling is going to Can Cun for spring break. He wont go to New York City without identifying is some way that he is a Red Sox fan, usually a hat will suffice. Sometimes a cheese-ball t-shirt is worn, just to make sure there is NO DOUBT that he isn't a yankees fan. Of course that's IF he goes all the way down to New York. That would require not being in his home town and missing one of Ma's meals.

The next guy is the "Over-Educated Geek". This man, dare I say, is STILL in school. He's now attending Harvard Med School after finishing his robotics PHD at MIT. He rides a vintage bicycle and does not own a car, he buys his clothes at The Garment District., one of my all-time favorite spots to shop. He lives in Cambridge or Somerville and listens to NPR. You can spot him at the 1369 coffee shops - try the Inman Square spot as he will be there with his laptop and fancy coffee. **side note**
While I am on the subject of education - MIT has a fabulous robotics museum - well worth the $7 dollar ticket price to go. Warning - you will feel stooopid or motivated in there, it's just inevitable. Ok back to the geek. He would think my blog was lame since it is mindless dribble about me and nothing about Plato or Einstein or some ten dollar word. Besides he was the one who started the entire blog scene with his feedback forum on robots. Don't you know who he is???

Next up is my particular favorite. He moved to Boston cause he heard it was great. He loves the entire city and knows about Redbones, S&S and the Kendall Theater. His job his probably some cool tech job or bio-tech job along the Charles River. He may also be stock broker. He knows how to ski, kayak, sail, read and laugh for the most part. His very own apartment costs about $2500 per month and has a roof deck. He is probably a commitment phobe though and lives in Beacon Hill. Tough call. A question to ask him might be "Do you go to The Rack?" if yes - RUN.

My point is that I miss all of this. You can be on the T sitting within a mere few inches of ALL of these types while you overhear someone's headphones.