Monday, January 03, 2005

Veggies- aw c'mon it's a brandy new year!

I just cleaned out my fridge and am embarrassed by my utter lack of consumption of vegetables. I make special trips to buy cucumbers, spinach, asparagus and kale. All of which I buy to "juice" so I will get some kind of nutrition. Who the hell do I think I am fooling?! I shovel out those same expensive organic vegetables from my fridge every couple weeks into the trash. I made two juices from the last batch. That's it! I am such a loooser!

Alright next topic. My divorce. I am getting divorced. I vacillate between feeling extremely relieved to have finally filed the papers and feeling like I am a has-been loser. Usually the later is a result of having to spend to much time around my soon-to-be-x-husband as he WILL NOT MOVE OUT! He is so afraid that he will "loose" something that he is taking his time moving out. Or he has no money to do so. That's more likely the case. Regardless, living with someone you are divorcing makes you a little nutso. I spend a lot of time making lists of music to download as I hear it on my XM radio, places to go, people to see and all kinds of other accomplishments that will require an effort on my part just to fill my head and pass time. Here's my list so far:

Atlanta Boy Choir
Brevard, NC
Fernbank Friday's
Venetian Pools
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Elephant Sanctuary in TN
Make fountain & topiary
art class
Neptune Beach
Wahoo restaurant

These ideas usually come from bumper stickers on cars sitting in front of me in traffic or signs I drive by.

I am really looking forward to the putting my feet in the blocks on my very own do-over starting line. I will not loose this next race. I promise. I will run as hard as I can and fill my lungs with air - I will run directly into the ocean and dive in. Boy I cant wait!

It is a new year. I like New Years much better than Christmas. Christmas is hard work. I rarely enjoy myself and think "boy this is great!" on Christmas. New Years is a time for me. I love shaking my etcha-sketch up and down so I can start a new drawing ya know? It's like that.
Today, while my son was taking is nap, I planted flowers given to me by the Head Honch Ho. They are Anemoenes and will bloom in the late spring. I am correlating my flowers with my own personal time line. God help me if they don't bloom, or they bloom later than the damn box says they will. Otherwise I will maintain my optimistic mindset and plan to be in a better place by late spring.