Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For those who have ADHD and don't care, I salute you!

That's right, all your ADHD maniacs out there raise your hands for today we are getting mad props for our hyperactive brains! has an article on their site today about "The Upside of ADHD".

Check it out: Enthusiasm, Empathy and High Energy Among Traits the Disorder Carries
By Marilyn Lewis for MSN Health & Fitness

I was diagnosed with ADHD back in 1995, put on Adderrall and promptly sat still or slept. That was about it. I would sleep for about 12 hours or more, straight! I don't even sleep more than 6 or 7 now cause I got shit to do! It's time to wake up and go DO stuff. I clearly remember sitting at the table with my fellow waitstaff coworkers through out our entire pre-shift dinner. I continued to sit in my chair after everyone had left. I stared out the window. I was repeatedly asked "are you alright Di?" by all kinds of folks. After my shift ended, I noticed a significant difference in my tips. I had made about $30 bucks less than usual, and the night was a busy one. I strolled down through the mall, got on the train and fell asleep on the D line. In all my life I had never fallen asleep on the T! I couldn't stay awake to save my life.

I stopped taking Adderall and bounced back. My energy came back, I guess you could say I "got my wits about me". You don't HAVE to take medication, you just have to adapt. I am used to forgetting things now, and those who know me I am sure have their own commentary to provide on this subject BUT my main point is that I am successful in my job because I have ADHD. On more than one occasion I have had to think on my feet, generate an idea, breathe life into a room of pessimists. Today's article describes the CEO of Jet Blue, who fortunately makes enough cake to hire a personal assistant and an accountant to keep track of everything. I can afford my Blackberry. I have trained myself to input important things like appointments, phone numbers and names of songs, books and movies I will never remember on my own.

What's even better is the Ty Pennington in the spokesperson for Aderrall! The ads for the drug keep coming up as I read this ADHD article with his gorgeous picture on them.

Thank you Marilyn for writing this sentence "Instead of only focusing on the difficulties posed by ADHD, today, the upsides are likely to be noted, too: the quick-wittedness, the speedy grasp of the big picture and the great enthusiasm for nearly everything. These traits make ADHDers endearing and simultaneously exasperating. " bed. sorry. bad joke.

Lastly, Tom Hartmann writes "People with ADHD “may instead be our most creative individuals, our most extraordinary thinkers, our most brilliant inventors and pioneers,” writes Hartmann in his 2003 book The Edison Gene: ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child. He posits that the people with ADHD may carry genetically coded abilities that once were, and may still be, necessary for human survival and that contribute richness to the culture. "

Your damn right we do. Look at these words, I am twirling around in them like a little girlExtroardinaryry thinkers, brilliant inventors, pioneers, genetically coded abilities, human survival, richness of culture. I am going to hold this article like a baby kitten.

Friday, September 23, 2005

upDate on dating

Hmmm... you men are starting to be a bit more impressive these days. I am withholding my amazement somewhat here, but as of recent I have met some cool dudes. It's become obvious to me that as a single mom I have to be "extra hot". I cant just be cute, or pretty. It's gotta be much more than that. Boy they have no idea how much there is! ha ha. Ok so back to the subject here.

I have also been hit on and didn't realize it. Let me fill you in:

There is such a range in personality types, ages and experiences here. For storytelling purposes and privacy (somewhat) I will call them "young guy", "NYC guy" and "cali guy". Young guy arrived via an add I had placed to rent out my house and low and behold one of those completely unexpected yet pleasant surprises occurred. I opened the door while wearing sweaty workout clothes to a tall, handsome young man with a great smile. I guessed he was about 24? I am still not sure really, but WHO CARES. Young guy also drives a bright red brand new camaro (minus 10 points) - which made me laugh, please see my previous post about what kind of car I wish I could be. Anyway, he rents the house and suggests we take our dogs to the dog park or go out for a drink and lastly he offered to help me move. That adds up to three attempts at spending time with me, which I doubted as being hit on. That is until I told my girlfriends. I may just take him up on all three of these offers. After all I am SINGLE, which means I can do these things. OH, I forgot to mention how my son tipped over an old plant while we sat on my front porch, and threw a handful of dirt at him. Awesome. He laughed and brushed it off of him (5 points!).

Ok, so NYC guy is by far the most interesting. He and I have been emailing, sort of - and agreed to have dinner when I was in NYC for work. I was so tired from all the traveling I had been doing that week and had no interest in leaving my cozy hotel room the night we were to go out. I pulled my shit together and got all dolled up and met him in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in. We walked everywhere, which I loved, and he told me all kinds of fun goofy stories about his career and life. In particular he describes landing a Levi's ad because of his unique talent to clap his hands at the same time he makes an "O" with his mouth, making a hollow sound. He can perform all kinds of songs this way! There has to be some way to incorporate this skill in bed, I am convinced. And here we go - right into the gutter! ta-dah! It only took me 200 words or so to get here. We had dinner then strolled over to a bar where he tells me about his singing skills. Now, most guys who think they can sing cant, but I was a little curious since he was actually cast in a Broadway show. I had no fucking idea, until today, just how good a singer this man is! This guy has got a pair of pipes that are even out on CD, one you can buy on I am so impressed I am awarding him 10 points for it. This is the type of guy you date, he's real, he lives his life and dreams and takes it all in. But he lives in NYC.

Lastly is Cali guy. My first real "older man". A pilot no less who rides his bike hundreds of miles while listening to easy rock and romantic songs. He and I met online and actually met in person while I was in LA for work. He flew in to meet me, which I will give him 5 points for. Boy, when I opened the door and saw him I was so excited and nervous which never happens to me. We laughed and joked around like we had known each other for months, not to mention the obvious physical attraction. This experience felt like a violent tornado, and I wrapped my arms and legs around the nearest tree and held on so I wouldn't get swept away into a high school-like crush. After all, a fit, tall, handsome guy like him? c'mon ladies - he's good, but he's 16 years older than me and never been married. That screams something - I don't know what - but it should be noted. So far he's been a lot of fun and yes, he called me the next day. But he lives in California.

I think I am purposely seeking out men I cant possibly have a serious relationship with. I mean NYC & California?? Long distance sucks, especially when you are falling for them and you just want a hug without getting on a plane to do so. Dating is a lot of work, eventually it's your turn and the dating god throws you a bone. Considering the pile of tools I have met over the past year - these three are a whole different ball game. More than anything I think it's a sign of growth for me. Maybe I have managed to inch the low-lying standards bar up a bit higher? I attribute a lot to the confidence I have gained from the triathlons. I feel better about myself in a "shit ya I did TWO triathlons, what chu got to offer, huh?" kind of way.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blackberry Jam

It is easy to get caught up in your own life, prioritizing mundane things over time with those who care about you. That's just how life is. I have had the great fortune of having a best friend, whom I grew up with for over 24 years now. There's nothing I can compare that kind of bond to. She is more than a sister to me, more than a "buddy" and more than a "best friend". I admire and respect her like no other, and I am flattered that she calls me her best friend. In fact I am relieved she does. I am surprised still that she gets choked up when she talks about how much she cares about me. Surprised that someone I adore and admire so much cares so much for me.

everyone needs someone in their life whom they can be themselves with and still be loved just the same. she may not always like everything I do, but she doesnt hold it against me. It's important as women to have nurturing relationships that support each other and provide strength in all that we face.

recently my best friend was mailed a jar of homemade blackberry jam from her brother. As I watched her open the package and realized what it was, I started crying. This one jar of jam brought back all of childhood experiences with her, riding bikes, picking blackberries, playing on the massive stone wall behind my house. Years of friendship, barbies, hair-dos and boys. Years of trust and unconditional love. Her brother had picked the berries from the same bushes and made jam, just like our mothers did - and he mailed it to her, with no card. It didnt need one.

She and I grew up across the street from each other. We both had blackberry stands, and would "compete" on price - however our road was busy enough that we could do well regardless. We also had blackberry fights! We would pluck the big juicy ones and throw them at each other, staining our clothes.

blackberries remind me of the cool summer evenings when we would twirl around in my back field, looking at the evening sky with the just-about-setting-sun. Fireflies were everywhere. Bats darted about in the twilight. The peepers and crickets and soft wet grass.

What great memories!

My second triathlon

Alright. Hold the phones. This triathlon was a lot harder!! Jesus! I flew out to Portland Oregon to see my long lost bad-ass-plays-sports-like-a-man friend, who joined me in a triathlon. When I signed up for this race, it didnt occur to me that I was going to be in an "outdoorsy" area, where people work out all the time unlike Georgia where people drive all the time.

At any rate, I again did not swim well. I swam better than the last time but I still dont get it. I swim all the time in the warm, calm, relaxing pool at the Y. It should be no problem to swim in the Columbia river right?

Once I swam through seeweed, I ran up the beach to my borrowed bike. My previous bike experience was awesome so I fully expected to just kick ass. Well, ass was kicked and it was the hills that did the kicking. What a hard race!

The main point to make is the psychological bullshit my brain does to me. Every inch of me wanted to get off my bike (burning quads have that affect) - but you have to keep going. When I started training back in May I made a couple rules with myself that no matter what I had to:
1. finish
2. never get off the bike

This was tough, I questioned why the hell I was doing these endurance sports. After all what point am I trying to make here? However the finish line has a way of cheering you up for days, weeks even. There are no words to describe this feeling, even though I am trying. As cheesy as it sounds, you really can do it. I never thought I could. It wasnt possible in my brain and now I am addicted to it.

So with two triathlons down I am done for the season. ha ha. No really I am. Now I get to train my tail off so I can whoop some serious ass in March.