Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Love Song

This is rather cliche, but guess what? I dont care! It's a gorgeous song and I plan to include it on the soundtrack when they turn my life into a movie. Kind of an odd mix considering Van Halen's "Aint Talking Bout Love" is on there too. One big giant contradiction, aren't I?

My One and Only Love, Sting

The very thought of you makes
My heart sing,
Like an April breeze
On the wings of spring.
And you appear in all your splendor,
My one and only love.
The shadows fall
And spread their mystique charms
In the hush of night,
While you're in my arms.
I feel your lips, so warm and tender,
My one and only love.

The touch of your hand is like heaven.
A heaven that I've never known.
The blush on your cheek,
Whenever I speak,
Tells me that you are my own.
You fill my eager heart with
Such desire,
Every kiss you give
Sets my soul on fire.
I give myself in sweet surrender,
My one and only love.
The blush on your cheek,
Whenever I speak,
Tells me that you are my own.
You fill my eager heart with
Such desire.
Every kiss you give
Sets my soul on fire.
I give myself in sweet surrender,
My one and only love.
My one and only love.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Remember Jerry McGuire?

I watched this movie again, after many years of owning the DVD and NEVER watching it. This movie is exactly how my life is as a single mom. I stopped and watched the scene where he kisses her at her doorstep after their date, her dress straps break and he slowly kisses her neck and shoulders as he ties them back around her neck. I watched this scene 4 or 5 times and just sighed. I want that. Not Tom Cruise (too short anyway!). I want it to be ok to get excited about someone without somehow knowing deep down that "this is not going to work..."

"A human head weighs 8 pounds..."

Friday, November 25, 2005

Wedding Day......the real story

November 25th was the day I officially lost my mind. Yes, I left all common sense behind me, or threw out by accident like I do with my keys - the 25th is a very important date for me to remember. I got married at sunset on at Fort Zachary Taylor Park in Key West. It was such a perfect day, really it was an almost perfect wedding - just the wrong guy. It didn't occur to me until around 11pm tonight that it was my anniversary, or that it WAS my anniversary. My x used to look forward to this exact date where I cringed and loathed it. I reacted in anger and frustration, finding it hard to motivate myself to buy him something to show how happy I was. As I type this I am reminded by advice I give so many others yet refuse to apply to my own life. It goes something like this "love is not measured in what you buy each other, the man of your dreams should be able to pick out a $1 dollar trinket at a thrift store and you will love it." Huh. Not my x-husband. He actually asked me for a G5 for Christmas one year as we struggled to pay our mortgage. November 25th reminds me of how foolish I was and serves as a reminder (not like my son doesn't already!) to slow down. I was so swept up in the moment with him, and was motivated out of my fear of loneliness more than anything. I cant forget to tell you all about Dan, the justice of the peace who married us. He's also a real estate agent and arrived at the beach on a moped with a big cooler bungie-corded to the back; "for flowers and cakes and wedding stuff" he explained.

Now, what's really ironic and funny is that as I get married a huge sailboat called the Liberty Clipper sailed by just as I was supposed to say "I do". I was previously engaged to a big Lithuanian carpenter and was planning a wedding on that VERY boat. The Liberty Clipper spends May - October in Boston and November through May in Key West. Anyway, as the boat sailed by all of the passengers started clapping and cheering for us as we stood on the beach. I couldn't believe it. Still don't.

More than anything I just wanted to remind myself, tonight, that November 25th should be a day I stop and think about what's best for ME.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Guts vs Balls

A friend sent me this.....

We've all heard about people having guts or balls. But do you really know
the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, the
definition for each is listed below ...

GUTS - is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being
assaulted by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: "Are you
still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?"

BALLS - is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of
perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the ass and
having the balls to say: "You're next."

Hardy har har!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

2 beers, 2 glasses of wine and a martini...

Ought to numb the fury. Or one can hope at least. Not to mention throwing in a ride on the Fur Bus! WOOOO HOOO.
www.furbus.com - check out the interiors of these babies. This lovely little town just next door to Atlanta offers free rides on these party bussesses (how the hell do I write the plural version of bus?) and 20% off if you shop at the locally owned stores for the holidays. The furbusses drive you around blasting KC & The Sunshine Band's "shake, shake, shake...shake your boooty!" in pimped out interiors. I am talking zebra striped seats, fur covered ceiling, feathers, disco lights, BUMPIN music. Heaven if you ask me. I want the good ol' days back where I run out the front door and hop on the bus - the Fur Bus - and it takes me to work instead of school. At any rate this shopping idea is in fact a great idea. The stores have wine and snacks and it's just a nice way to shop if you ask me. Yes, bribe me with alcohol and I will shop - anything to avoid the damn malls. I always need to ease into my holiday shopping and the transition from buying things for my son or myself takes some effort. ha ha. At least this year my shopping list is way way down (dropped about 10-15 people) thanks to my divorce. Such a relief!

On a different note, mercury is retrograde for Gemini's right now. This means ABSOLUTE CHAOS. Anything than can go wrong will. In one fucking brilliant week here's what happened to me:
1. Loose my glasses - only owned this pair for about 8 months
2. Fall off my new bike - just learning how to use the new clip-in shoes
3. lock my keys and cell phone in my car after falling off bike
4. get written up at work for looking for a new job - I now have 90 days to improve my attitude
5. my suspicions confirmed an inter-office romance - not a big deal except the man involved WAS also inter-office-romancing ME too. loser.
6. one of my tenants rent check bounced causing all kinds of public rejection of my bank card. I LOVE THAT.

I know this list will grow longer and I only have to hang in there till December 4th when this fucking retrograde time period is over. That's a little bit more than two weeks.
Wish me luck!


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Open Letter to the next Mr. Myer.....

Dear Mr. Myer,
I have been injected with a dose of "heart-on-my-sleeve" potion and needed to get this out of my head before I reverted back to my guarded, got-it-all-under-control style. So this is an open letter about romance to the next future Mr. Myer.

A movie I just watched said "when your heart has been broken or mangled it grows back even bigger". That must be what I feel. This pain in my chest is my heart growing bigger.

I have never had a great Valentines day. N.E.V.E.R. It's amazing when I think back over the years of all the attempts that were made and ended up half-assed. For example; receiving roses on the 16th, or the 17th. Going on "double dates" with my guys best friend and his loser, winey girlfriend is not my idea of romantic. Having the waitress hit on my boyfriend during dinner because they clearly know each other for some reason or another. I hate those stooopid cards where they show two little kids kissing or holding hands, but for some reason those I have dated GIVE THEM TO ME. That tells me they dont know me very well. They also give me candy - booooorring!

I'd really like someone to go out of their way on my behalf to be romantic and put some thought into what might just impress me. Surprise me, embarass yourself, make a scene, put yourself out on a limb. I love that. Remember that I love Peter Frampton and have him join us for dinner. ha ha. Ok, ok, if that is too much make dinner reservations in a place we have to get on a plane to get to - and during dinner sit next to me, not across the table from me. Have a plan and lastly dont make me pay for dinner cause your credit card bounced. It really kills any romantic thoughts I may have toward you.

I can assure you I will go out of my way to romance you. That is if I am in love with you. I have killed myself to get tickets to already-sold-out-shows and sporting events for previous chumps I have been in love with. I have cooked difficult, gourmet dinners only to have my dude show up late and too tired to participate. I have wrangled myself into fancy outfits thinking they would be excited and been told they WERE TOO TIRED.

I often hear "you must have tons of guys chasing you down" which I wish more than anything were true. Men in their 60's hit on me, in part I believe because they arent afraid of being rejected anymore. Sometimes there are a couple of interesting ones, but there is very seldom one that I find HOT and SMART and admirable. One that makes me laugh and laugh, one who has razor sharp wit and isnt afraid to use it on me.

Dont be afraid of me, or intimidated I am just smart and full of goals I want to achieve. Grab my hand when we are walking and pull me up against you so I can feel your breath. Lean in close to me, about 90% as "Hitch" would say and smell my hair. Help me slow down as I live my life too fast. Insist on helping me with something even though I will resist due to my rediculous feminist independence.

Above all, give me roses on the 14th of February - not the 16th or 17th. Or a week after.



Ok, I know, enough with the Halloween stuff - but I forgot to put this on my site! Soooo sorry! I am not the creator of this, it's simply brilliant though. I dont know where this is, etc etc. I just loved it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thanks to J.Crew for the hottest man on earth

No jacket required, or clothes for that matter. Oh my god, this model on the J.Crew website could very well be the hottest man on earth. He's the hottest thing I have ever seen. Thank you for discovering him J.Crew, AND for putting him in a puffer jacket so he looks like he's the hardy noreaster type.

Who is this guy? Not because I am goint stalk him but you dont just end up on J.Crew your first time out of the gates as a model. And, yes I am objectifying him quite a bit but HE CHOSE to be a model, therefore he knew what would happen when the ladies saw him. He knows he's hot. Sort of like me choosing to be in sales and getting upset when I have to make a cold call. ha ha.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Friday, November 04, 2005

The mother in me

Boy am I ever a mom! My child has grown, much to my amazement. This picture is a year old, and I was just noticing how much of a baby he USED TO BE. So much hype centers around all of the things that can go wrong, things that you can DO wrong as a new mom and - quickly now - RUSH OUT TO THE STORE AND BUY THIS NEW WIDGET to make sure you dont fuck up your child. It's rediculous what "we" (I am in advertising, so I am guilty of doing this) do to new parents. Regardless, I survived the first two years and was just noticing that my child now converses with me.

He says the following:

"Sit down! mom." - very similar to the way I instruct our black lab to "sit down!"

"Here mom."

"you ok? you ok mom?" - usually after I have stubbed my toe and swore in front of him

"what mom?" - this is brand new.

This is after I ask him "do you want to go downstairs and get in the car and go to school and sing songs and color?" hahah. I am just trying to see if he gets all of it.

Lastly, when did he start calling me "mom"? It used to be mommie. In this picture he was calling me just that. Before that it was my favorite, momma.

Hartsfield Jackson Airport Update

Was I not just telling you guys about how romantic it is to have a guy waiting for you at the airport? Was I not just telling you how that hasnt happened to me, in about ...well EVER?

I got to the top of the good ol' escalators in Hartsfield Jackson Airport around 1pm on Wednesday when an unmistakble "DIANE!" was heard. Everyone heard it. I was so shocked I thought "I definately heard my name. there's no doubt someone just screamed my name. who the hell could it be?". I wheeled around, and glanced at the large crowd and finally noticed my friend and former co-worker from Boston, Paul standing there, beaming. Now it made NO SENSE that it would be him, of ALL people. He lives in Vermont. I havent seen him in 3 years!!
I almost cried as I hugged him.

Turns out he is intown for a seminar thing for his work and just happend to be at the airport waiting to pick up people and head off to his hotel. I just happened to be LATE thanks to Delta and the 30 something jets in line ahead of us to take off from Laguardia that same morning.

Apparently a friend of Paul's snapped a picture of the whole scene at the top of the escalators. I will post it as soon as I get it.

Halloween 2005

Please note the use of the green Crayola crayon. Such a helper!