Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

See direction #23

Click here and go to Google Maps. Type in New York to London.
Read the directions.

Look at #23.....

I wanna know what programmer thought of that? How funny is that? Now they could have suggested to take a boat or a plane even but they opted for the word swim. It's truly fantastic!! Clearly a joke put on by google.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Blondes really do have more fun

I have amazing friends who I have not seen in a long time. They are inspiring and truly kind, interesting people.
This is one of them. She has baby blonde hair and blue eyes, and big giant balls. ha ha. I love you T! What an amazing life you are leading.

She was an engineer at this car company we both worked at in Boston. She worked on a team of all men, and she gave them hell! She can play football like a man and then cook you the most amazing dinner (still love that sausage dish girly!). I hunted her down on her first day and insisted she be friends with me as I had heard about her through the grapevine. She's tough as hell, but fun and caring. I startled her at the water bubblah with my forwardness, but I was dead on about the friendship. We would laugh and laugh at work, she is just as ruthless as I am with men (dumping men cause they were/are too nice) but more than anything she lives her life. We swam/biked/ran a triathlon together in Oregon a couple of years ago. She insisted she hadnt trained and was going to be slow. We unintentionally wore matching swimsuits. We were the only ones not wearing wetsuits as we dove into the Columbia River. BRRR! Recently she quit her job and has been on a long (going on three months now) discovery trip of Thailand, New Zealand and now Australia.

I found this picture of her on her blog. Interestingly enough her blog is the only way to stay in touch with her. A little web 2.0 backpacking experience. Reminds me of "where in the world is Carmen San Diego".

T, I miss you, and cant wait to see you someday!

And lately, yours truly is dating a tall blonde who matches me stride for stride on enthusiasm and intelligence. A kind soul (dare I mention he's a southern gentleman?) who designs insanely creative websites. We met at work a while ago, and once I officially left we went on a real date. And it was great. Seemless, effortless....a true equal. I remember his first day, we ended up in the elevator together and I was surprised to see he was getting off at the same floor as I. I found my good pal at work and conveyed my happiness that "we" had finally hired and attractive MALE. There are so many hot babes in advertising, it's nice to see a male who isn't some development troll eager to talk about Star Wars. It's quite a change for me, as normally I meet someone I am physically attracted to and it goes from there. Shortly thereafter I discover who they are, their lack of ambition, focus, success - what-have-you and lose interest. With this guy I already knew him very well, I had seen him work, I had seen clients blown away by his ideas and it was hot. Intelligence has a sultry powerful effect on me. But the killer part was discovering his carpentry skills. He described the home theater he built, and I clarified, "you built this yourself? with your own tools?". Yep. Oh jees.

Anyway, we recently went mountain biking. I had never been and selected a nice trail at the Georgia Horse Park. The website read "beautiful mountain bike trails" and that was enough for me to make up my mind. I borrowed a friends shock-less mountain bike and had at it. How do I describe the shock and horror I went through? It was as though I was sitting in the front cart of a rollercoaster and just as you came over the first big climb it detached itself, hurtling me down steep hills and around crazy bends (and trees). Terror. Rocks. Roots sticking out of massively steep hills. Big trees on both sides of the trail, "guiding" you through. I had apparently picked the OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN BIKE COURSE used in the 96 olympics. This is no walk in the park folks. This is some serious shit. I stood in my pedals, knees absorbing the shock and palms fiercly gripping the handlebars. I didnt fall off, wipe out or die - I walked a few sections. But I finished.

we'll see if I do that again.
next up is Sailing!! My favorite!!