Friday, September 23, 2005

upDate on dating

Hmmm... you men are starting to be a bit more impressive these days. I am withholding my amazement somewhat here, but as of recent I have met some cool dudes. It's become obvious to me that as a single mom I have to be "extra hot". I cant just be cute, or pretty. It's gotta be much more than that. Boy they have no idea how much there is! ha ha. Ok so back to the subject here.

I have also been hit on and didn't realize it. Let me fill you in:

There is such a range in personality types, ages and experiences here. For storytelling purposes and privacy (somewhat) I will call them "young guy", "NYC guy" and "cali guy". Young guy arrived via an add I had placed to rent out my house and low and behold one of those completely unexpected yet pleasant surprises occurred. I opened the door while wearing sweaty workout clothes to a tall, handsome young man with a great smile. I guessed he was about 24? I am still not sure really, but WHO CARES. Young guy also drives a bright red brand new camaro (minus 10 points) - which made me laugh, please see my previous post about what kind of car I wish I could be. Anyway, he rents the house and suggests we take our dogs to the dog park or go out for a drink and lastly he offered to help me move. That adds up to three attempts at spending time with me, which I doubted as being hit on. That is until I told my girlfriends. I may just take him up on all three of these offers. After all I am SINGLE, which means I can do these things. OH, I forgot to mention how my son tipped over an old plant while we sat on my front porch, and threw a handful of dirt at him. Awesome. He laughed and brushed it off of him (5 points!).

Ok, so NYC guy is by far the most interesting. He and I have been emailing, sort of - and agreed to have dinner when I was in NYC for work. I was so tired from all the traveling I had been doing that week and had no interest in leaving my cozy hotel room the night we were to go out. I pulled my shit together and got all dolled up and met him in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in. We walked everywhere, which I loved, and he told me all kinds of fun goofy stories about his career and life. In particular he describes landing a Levi's ad because of his unique talent to clap his hands at the same time he makes an "O" with his mouth, making a hollow sound. He can perform all kinds of songs this way! There has to be some way to incorporate this skill in bed, I am convinced. And here we go - right into the gutter! ta-dah! It only took me 200 words or so to get here. We had dinner then strolled over to a bar where he tells me about his singing skills. Now, most guys who think they can sing cant, but I was a little curious since he was actually cast in a Broadway show. I had no fucking idea, until today, just how good a singer this man is! This guy has got a pair of pipes that are even out on CD, one you can buy on I am so impressed I am awarding him 10 points for it. This is the type of guy you date, he's real, he lives his life and dreams and takes it all in. But he lives in NYC.

Lastly is Cali guy. My first real "older man". A pilot no less who rides his bike hundreds of miles while listening to easy rock and romantic songs. He and I met online and actually met in person while I was in LA for work. He flew in to meet me, which I will give him 5 points for. Boy, when I opened the door and saw him I was so excited and nervous which never happens to me. We laughed and joked around like we had known each other for months, not to mention the obvious physical attraction. This experience felt like a violent tornado, and I wrapped my arms and legs around the nearest tree and held on so I wouldn't get swept away into a high school-like crush. After all, a fit, tall, handsome guy like him? c'mon ladies - he's good, but he's 16 years older than me and never been married. That screams something - I don't know what - but it should be noted. So far he's been a lot of fun and yes, he called me the next day. But he lives in California.

I think I am purposely seeking out men I cant possibly have a serious relationship with. I mean NYC & California?? Long distance sucks, especially when you are falling for them and you just want a hug without getting on a plane to do so. Dating is a lot of work, eventually it's your turn and the dating god throws you a bone. Considering the pile of tools I have met over the past year - these three are a whole different ball game. More than anything I think it's a sign of growth for me. Maybe I have managed to inch the low-lying standards bar up a bit higher? I attribute a lot to the confidence I have gained from the triathlons. I feel better about myself in a "shit ya I did TWO triathlons, what chu got to offer, huh?" kind of way.

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