Friday, October 21, 2005

A medley of my responses

I just couldn't help it. I HAD to cut and paste some of the emails I have received from these men. There is just so much good content for me to delve into here. In order for this to make sense I have to cut and paste what my profile on says.
Here it is:

"Please for the love of god have a sense of humor! Don't just email me and not read this, cause if you voted for Bush or define yourself as a "good Christian" we are not a good fit. The word "liberal" is not an insult, it is a way of life and I like those that think about how their life effects others and the world they live in. "

Ok so it's a bit harsh, but at least it's honest and is working to scare away the guys who want to take me to church or shut-up as they talk about how hard it is for white men to succeed in this country. Anyway, here are some of the responses my profile has received lately:

1."XM sucks try Sirius ... much better programming!
Hey Bush aint so bad.... entertaining to watch try and give a speach, if nothing else! later...
your good Christian friend who voted for Bush.."

Now this is just plane stupid. I love XM radio. Sirius has 1/5th of the subscribers that XM has, why would you send this to me?

2. "Actually, I did vote for Bush, but everyone was yelling "Hurry up dude! Just pick one!". I also just lost 5 lbs. and broke a sweat when I read your profile, it kinda scared the hell out of me :)!

An excellent email! It sums up why I think Bush won in the first place, considering most people don't know WHY they voted for him and tend to make up shit like "I want to feel safe in my country". So this means you think he's improving our international "friendships" to prevent us from being attacked? Huh. Time to turn off Bill O'Reilly and learn some shit folks.

3." I voted for Bush..the diifference between a liberal and a conservative is that I respect your opinion and who you voted for but being a typical narrow minded, attacking, no solution to anything liberal, well, I'm not surprised...

I luv ya'


Ok fine. So as a good conservative do you also respect my HUMAN FEMALE RIGHTS to CHOOSE what's best for my body, overall health and safety? Do you think it's ok for YOU to decide what laws should be enforced for me, as a woman, even though you cant comprehend childbirth? I wont be surprised if you have no answer to this, or even a solution.

4. I am a god fearing good Christian and hold George W. Bush as my personal savor. Jesus, at this point is one step below how I feel about W. And I believe we should bomb the French, the Pacific Ocean (because of Katrina) and force all liberals to wear an L on their shoulder. Amen. YouÂ’re a weird chick, engaging in those weird sports with spandex and number written all over your body. You shouldnÂ’t have any contradictions in your life, either believe in Jesus or your savor George W. and if you have any doubts, just listen to this tapes I have of Cheney speeches with Condoleesa interludes, itÂ’s peach.

This is so damn funny I had to write back to him. "bomb the Pacific Ocean"??!!! BRILLIANT!!

5. "Oh yeah, one more thing - I HATE the Patriots...."

This is from a Pittsburgh fan who just cant get over the fact that they arent SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS. loser!

*sigh* I will prevail. One of these days a post will flow from fingers and be full of "I cant believe it, he is just perfect!". I will not let this southern town bring me down. I will not submit to your god-fearing ways and start wearing a bonnet to assuage your fears of my independence. no way jose.



Michael said...

Number 1 cracks me up.....a Sirius lover is not to be taken seriously :)

On the upside it could be a good thing he isnt a member of the XM Nation


Tara said...

OMG - I can't stop laughing. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

trey walker said...

hello diane! i "suscibed" to you blog as promised! sorry to see no posts for some time...'til now. damn! i dont know where to start soooo i wont. well... ughhh...darn it all i have to! i think a women should choose! ha! surprised? dont be! i support the party platform, not every plank on which it stands! i dont worship anything or anyone (i have not been to church since my ex wife made me, years ago). i dont think there is anyone out there. it is called faith not fact... i only want what what i've earned! a days work for a days pay. the ability to drive legaly only when i can speak english and am a u.s. citizen. i will never blame the government for a child not learning in school (education starts at home) because public school teachers are lazy and dont care and of course as in everything, there are exceptions! unions cause undeniable damage to the workplace and in essence the communities that they infiltrate(unionized workers are the laziest i have ever worked beside. the children they produce will emulate them). the women here are encouraged to have babies so they can get checks for each now and to have them vote as soon as they can. i have minority friends that tell me this. they are sick of it as well! it is sooo crazy to keep giving to every country that asks and then excuse the debt when they cant pay! it is insane to let people blame the government when they are too stupid to save themselves! noone accepts the blame for anything anymore! even republicans... it seems hopeless does it not? i cant see the world keeping up at this pace! oh well! be good, thanks for letting me comment and you really should get that 68' camaro (you know the one) but the chevelle is nice too. keep it real! please pardon my grammar and my extra long run-on paragraph!


trey walker

Anonymous said...

"unionized workers are the laziest i have ever worked beside"?????????

Are you kidding me? Union workers, in particular, carpenters are some of the most trained and skilled workers out there!! They have to attend school, apprenticeships and then work their asses off to make some good wages. These guys build the buildings we all work in, in the freezing cold - in some cases they REBUILD buildings that have been destroyed.

Without unions you end up in "right to work" states where immigrant mexican men are slaves, working for peanuts each day in deplorable, unsafe conditions. Even worse they are building housing that isnt up to code making things unsafe for everyone. Why? because some white dude wanted a higher profit on his real estate investment.