Thursday, May 11, 2006

Doesn't matter how hot you are...

Seriously. Guys, it doesnt matter how hot you are, if you are old enough to apply for an AARP card it's just not going to work. I dont care if you are "in your 40's" which means you're pushing 50. I dont want to wait in line so you can get your food for $.55 cents cheaper than me thanks to your AARP card.

Why on earth do we hot young women find older men so attractive? I mean I have always dated older men, ALWAYS. It's just how it goes when you are a smartass like me. Boys my age are still playing video games and watching MTV Real World with the hopes of one day getting on the show. For me dating older men was the only way I could avoid running through the wall during dinner like a Looney Tunes character leaving just the outline of body in the wall. I have been told many times that I am intimidating and that anyone who dates me needs to have his shit together and be super confident in himself. Great compliment, but why does it seem that women are simply surpassing men as a species in general? It seems that there are more and more men out there who simply subscribe to the "I am just gonna sit here in my easychair and take up space and then one day I will die". That's it? You dont have to give Mother Theresa a run for her money but do something with your life. Also, those men who are wealthy and draped with women who own fake-boobs need to take a real hard look at reality. Dude, if you were broke she wouldnt want to screw you. It's that simple. Why are you settling for that?

Playboy has an article out about plastic surgery for women's more private bits. HOW INSANE is that?? After creating and growing your precious children we then have to worry about how tight a fit we are to you men - again focusing on YOUR satisfaction instead of ours? Why are we, as smart sexy women tolerating the increased pressure on us to get bigger boobs and "prettier" pussies? Why are we not throwing a fit (clearly I am) over the giant pot-bellied-men waddling around golf courses? I think we should require men to complete a Survivor-like obstacle course before they get laid. Nuff said. Big tits or not, if they cant finish the course they dont get laid.

All fired up!

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