Friday, October 13, 2006

just saying hi...

It's been a crazy month here in my little world. I have a great new job with people I respect, admire and care about. Bunch of real smahties I tell ya. They built this agency out of their basement and have done so well simply because they are great guys to work with. I cant believe how humble they are. I get to do sales for these guys, which is easy considering their client base. My phone rings with people wanting to work with us, instead of me having to beg those to work with us. Quite a different experience!

The little man has been having full blown conversations with me. He's easily entertained by those Richard Scary books with a million things going on on the page. Ya know, the ones where you look for the little mouse who might be driving one of the cars in the city-scene. I grew up with these books and loved them too. Lately he enjoys reading more and more. Just the other night I was reading before bed when I heard his door open. I waited, knowing he was going to appear in my room momentarily. He peeked around the corner, clearly unsure if he was in trouble or what. I smiled at him and asked him to come read with me. He imitated my every move. Feet crossed, head propped up with pillows and book balanced on his stomach to "read" to me. He made up stories about his father, me and his grandpa. After about 10 minutes I told him he needed to go sleep in his own bed, so he did. He simply hopped down, said "g'night mom." and went back to bed. Unreal.

He also loves KT Tunstall's song "Dark horse and cherry tree" however he calls it the "woo hoo" song. He came running into my room the other morning all excited when he heard it. "Mom! it's woo hoo!" Clearly his grandpa had played a roll in this!

My advice to my friends out there, dont wait to have kids. Most of you are really succesful and with the right person. Go for it, it's the best thing ever. Keep in mind who this is coming from will ya?



Anonymous said...


It's so great to read your blog! I haven't touched base for a while. You're a riot, do you know that?

I love how you see the humor in everything.

I'll be coming back east in January for the book tour.


Rachel Sarah

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Anonymous said...

I echo these sentiments. The best thing I have ever done is have a beautiful girl who is a wonder and inspiration. Every day with her is the best. be your kids hero whether you are in a bad marriage, good one, or a single parent be the best you can be for that special part you walking around with your heart beating inside them!