Thursday, November 09, 2006

Go Democrats!!

Oh thank god something is finally changing in politics to regain my interest and enthusiasm!

"In Iraq and here at home, Americans have made clear they are tired of the failures of the last six years," said Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, in line to become Senate Majority leader when Congress reconvenes in January.

The democrats are taking over. What the hell does that mean?? I prefer to think we already had, and that we just let them win the last time. Either way - I am eagerly anticipating some changes that will make me sleep better at night. Enough with the attempts at overturning Roe-vs-Wade. Are we seriously reverting back to our Neanderthalal mindset of the 40's?

I am shocked, still at the conservative mindset some of my awesome friends have. They ferociously debate me on my liberalism, and I truly don't know why. I am curious as to why some republican friends of mine heave and sigh, rolling their eyes when I talk about things I believe in and more importantly what a buffoon our current president IS. Reminding them of the great leaders of our country who came before him, Theodore Roosevelt, who were (are?) dignified and regularly quoted only seems to infuriate them and beg for more eye rolling. Why do you choose to look the other way and ignore the rather blatant embarrassment our current president regularly submits us to? "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me again, well that aint gonna happen again" or some blubbering bullshit like that. Are you serious??? This is the leader of our country? The most powerful country in the world (although North Korea has nuclear weapons now) has a leader who cant speak effectively in public? Isn't public speaking the majority of a politicians career? If I couldn't give a good presentation in my own piddly sales job I'd be fired. Sorry if my expectations for my country, the most powerful country in the world (we have nuclear weapons too, and we've tested them) are higher than the expectations of my very own boss.

So I guess I am left here wondering why the republicans, conservatives, or what-have-you hate "liberals" so much? I simply want to have the same rights most white men have. Equal opportunities, equal pay, equal healthcare, etc. etc. We cover viagra but dont cover birth control? That makes zero sense. Healthplans cover viagra, so more men can get 6-hour long hard-ons but these same healthplans dont cover the effects of a 6 hour bonor have on women? Go figure. Jees at least give us more mental health benefits so we can talk to a shrink about these freaky 60+ year old men hitting on us and tempting us with "the time of our lives".

My political views are strong, but they are realistic and grounded on my own personal experiences working in corporate America once as a young girl (everyone, it is a good day, especially when Diane walks through our bank lobby when the sun is shining. you can see right through her dress) and now as an older, single mom. Please don't drive down into liberal-midtown Atlanta in your SUV after shopping at Costco and tell me how to be a good Christian, I am sick of it! You do your thing and I'll do mine - neither one of us is probably hurting anyone.

Lastly, I just had to mention how sad I am that Ann Richards is no longer with us. She makes me want to try harder and not censor myself so much. "Women who aspire to be equal with men, lack ambition...."



Matt J. Duffy said...

Yeah, I'd say you've got a point with the Viagra.

Anonymous said...

"I am curious as to why some republican friends of mine heave and sigh, rolling their eyes when I talk about things I believe in and more importantly what a buffoon our current president is"

Maybe its not what you talk about, but how you talk about it!

Anonymous said...

I saw a bumper sticker the other day and it said "Jesus was a liberal". I wonder how many republican veins this popped! My republican fiends are the same they say Bush just isn't a good speaker and that he must be brilliant or he wouldn't be President. He may be uninteligable but at least he is stern looking and forcefull when he speaks! Bush is proud of the fact that he doesn't pay attention to the polls. In other words he doesn't care what the people who elected him think. Come to think of it it's probably a good thing cause the people who elected him are either ignorant or greedy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot my name!


Anonymous said...

Sorry had another comment on womens health. The work I do concerns the cervical cancer vaccine. It's amazing how people really want a cure for cancer and a vaccine is out there to PREVENT CANCER is not being made available by all clinics and insurance companies. Most insurance companies picked it up as it will save them tons of money but many clinics are not stocking it and many doctors(mostly male) have not made this any kind of health care priority. It will end up having to be patient driven instead of driven by the health care community! So sad.


Anonymous said...

Gov. Richards deserves better than to be on your page - she was a woman who believed in the best in everyone - you are selfish and spoiled and small minded - poor Ann to have to be stuck on your blog