Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am contending for Mother of the Year...

Recently, I was shopping for shoes with my son. We came around the corner and the carriage knocked some ugly shoes off of the shelf and they made a loud smack as they hit the floor. My son, sitting in the carriage right in front of me declares:

"What the HELL was that?!"

I knew several women (all excellent mothers doing a way better job then anyone on earth including Super Nanny of course) had heard him and glared at me. I just casually informed my son not to say that and that he was ruining my chances of winning "mother of the year".

Everytime I pick him up after he has spent a chunk of time with his father his vocabulary grows. He now points out every single Dogwood Tree, said perfectly, and every single "Mangolia" tree. He knows different birds, knock knock jokes and now uses "Ding dong!" to get my attention if I am tuning him out.

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