Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Bad Birthday in Boston

Some of us, whom shall remain nameless, had a birthday last week. This particular individual had never been to Beantown and fearlessly hired Delta to bring her there with me. So. We walk, everywhere, as required by these cities affectionately referred to as "a walking city". Us or THEM-there Atlantans dont know what this means really. They wear dressy boots and things and complain about the cold, etc.

I love this woman so dearly, and often times she says "If I were a man we'd be a couple". I get this a lot from my girlfriends. But this one in particular feels like she saved my life. My inner-life, that fire, the one that creates witty posts for everyone to read. Her phone will ring at all hours of the night with either a half-crazed friend calling about a great date she just went on or a weepy puddle who has just dropped off her child on the infamous "wednesday". Whereby her heart is rendered useless in an instant as she (me) walks away from the warmth of that little whirling dervish. This friend always has the perfect thing to say, the perfect response to my blubbering and self pity. "Yes, yes you ARE indeed dysfunctional. But, I LOVE ya!" She single-handedly changed my opinion of single motherhood. That lonely place I was too numb to acknowledge has become a pillar of my identity.

Her happiness has become somewhat of a mission of mine. I might have overdone it in Boston too as she doesnt recognize the pictures I took of her at The Canal in Boston (too many shots I suppose). I mean, they were taken just before last call, who remembers what they were doing then most of the time? The next day she suffered through a history lesson by my father on the Revolutionary War and a detailed narrative of random gravesites of British soldiers. He drove all over, stomping on the breaks to make sure she saw all of the amazing history Paul Revere is known for, including where he was arrested. You get the picture. "Look, more British soldiers!" my stepmother would say - and she would dutifully look and say "wow, that's great."

I wish I could give her that Snow White-like mirror that tells her she is the farest of them all. She is stunning and laughs at herself, with everyone and for no reason at all. Her sense of humor could put anyone to shame, but her humbleness touches everyone who knows her.

May you always eat pizza with a cape on JH!
Happy Birthday,

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Jeri said...

Su Padre's comment about driving forward while looking in the rear view mirror, came on the heels of yet another profound statement about the drink you ordered. If memory serves me right, Pop said, "you've ordered a modern day equivalent of Revolutionary gasoline". He was a man of very few words that night. Those said were not only funny but wise. I laughed often and hard even in my abject state of intoxication from The Canal the night before. A raffle ticket remains in my keepsake chest from the bouncer who, when asked, admitted that first prize was a date with the "door man". That much, I remember.

As we jokingly tell people all the time, I picked you up "online". We have found a path together, you and I. Ever since you walked up my stairs in mid-September 2 years ago, I knew i would know you for the remainder of my time on this planet! BTW, you have to know I paid Miguel to wash his car with nothing more than a pair of gym shorts on that day! I guess you could say that it was money well spent!

You are more than a friend, a best friend, a kindred spirit or a sibling. You are quite possibly the most strong and dynamic woman I have known or will know. Life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness are as real in your life and as the North Bridge for the Redcoats. To meet you, to know you, to grow with you, cry, laugh, to see and know and love your family, I can only thank whatever God there is for Craigslist and for you. That and the fact that your family was kind enough to scour the gift shop at the Wayside Inn for a free masons "trinket". Our efforts proved to be fruitless.... sigh...

Ironically, my birthday is 11:11 as is the time stamp on the post you made from the hotel room that Saturday night. Seriously now, you cannot control when the post hits, right? Spooky! Still, I can't help but think about the pizza guy who rang the obnoxious door bell to room 1107 at Nine Zero at 2AM. I don't think I've ever choked down 3 slice of pizza so fast.....

...and it was GOOOOOOD!

You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your Mom, Jeff, a bad crepe in Davis Corner, the "T", Dad and Step-mom, Rob, Taran, beer, pizza, drinks, Prada on Newberry at the Second Time Around, the Rattlesnake, the Sevens, the Nine Zero, H and M, Boston Harbor's 60 dollar breakfast, life, kids, men and houses. I absolutely love you with my whole heart Diane!

I still think you'd make a great wife!!

Nough said.