Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been awhile....

I dont know why I stopped writing in my blog. I stopped reading it, telling everyone about it, just, plain, stopped.

It's late, and I am thinking about my son, who has become this little man now. He chats with me on the phone, asks me how my day was and loves to practice writing letters and spelling. This all brings back memories, this blog of mine, of when I was new to juggling mommyhood alone. Now its easy. Now I know what I am doing! Now he gets up on his own, gets dressed on his own, feeds himself, turns on the tv....

He always wears his shoes on the wrong feet. He puts his "clotheses" on backwards, and it just cracks me up. The vocab gets better and better growing from "hers tired mommy" to "she is tired mommy". His spiderman addiction is still going strong, he wants to be a police man AND an astronaut. He loves to draw, paint, read and create. Sports....not so much. I enrolled him in t-ball and soccer only to spend the majority of the game prying him off my leg while he screamed. So we will stick to art!

He calls fruit punch, "juice pump". Not sure why but maybe its a variation of "juice box" and fruit "punch"? The best one was when I had raced my matchbox car so fast I won, whereby he declared I won a "pissing cup" with so much enthusiasm I had to sit down! What on earth is a pissing cup?! Well, a YEAR LATER I watched Cars, and learned of the PISTON CUP. Very similar.

He believes there is a turbo button in my car that gets us home faster, just like I believed when I was little girl. My dad would puff out his cheeks and blow air through his lips making a raspberry sound as he flipped open the cigarette lighter. It was a very impressive display for a turbo button on a Dodge Caravan.

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