Sunday, May 08, 2005

The next future Mr. Myer

The previous Mr. Myer, aside from my dad, became very distraught that he received mail addressed to him wth his first name and my last name. I found this AWESOME. I didnt even plan for that to happen, but it did anyway. Hilarious. Obviously, I had the opposite reaction and felt very proud that I was changing prehistoric sexist rolls. I loved the credit card company who sent those letters. At any rate I refused to drop my maiden name when i got married. Just didnt want to. Hence why this mail began to show up addressed to Mr. (blank) Myer. Now that I think about it this might have been a future indicator on how this marriage would turn out....

So - the *next* Mr. Myer better find the aforementioned mail snafu funny when it happens to him. In fact he should be flattered and smart enough to know how it touches my insane liberal feminst side. Aside from this, here is a list of traits he should have from the shallow-end of the pool:

Blonde Hair, well brown is ok too.
Blue Eyes
Dry sense of humor
A brain
can play a musical instrument
can play and plays soccer
has been on an airplane more than 50 times
loves sailing and sail boats
has tools
has an old car/truck (pre 1980)
is taller than me
loves kids
drinks wine at Italian restaraunts
drinks beer at the ball game
drinks fruity drinks at the beach
a job (ha ha)

lastly, balls. Also known as "guts", "confidence" and "ego"
the last one is the most important as I think I know everything and need someone who isnt afraid to prove that I might be wrong. :)

That's all....

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