Sunday, May 08, 2005

3rd Annual Mother's Day

What a glorious day it has been! 82 degrees, bright sunny sky. As I was driving to brunch this morning I found myself feeling relieved that this day existed. Not because I need to be pampered or fussed over, rather a definitive "me and w" day - FOREVER. For the rest of my life this day will be my special day with my son. No one can deny that I am his mother, he is as impatient and as smiley as I am. This day feels like I have earned my stripes and I now have permission to be a little more special than most. I keep a human alive for christ sake! I keep him from falling, from running into the street, from falling down the stairs. I posses an instinct that is similar to the sonar on a submarine. I know where he is and when he is about to: fall, cry, laugh, bite,etc. Most of all I love him. I tickle his feet, and under his ear causing him massive hiccups as a result of belly laughing. I make sure he plays outside, that he dances and reads. Stimulating his mind is top priority for me. I am not bragging, this is simply what I must do. Those who are mothers understand the instinctive, slave-driving, guilt ridden nature of motherhood. It's an exhausting trait to have. However today I am proud that this two year old, with a lollipop stuck in his hair, is someone's son, because that means he has a mother. and that's me! :) shocking, I know.
My first mother's day was much different. I was 6 months pregnant and miserable. I was trying to get over the shock of being pregnant, let alone the fact that I would be a mother in the very near future. I read my mother's day cards with great apprehension and a little "oh shit. this is not a dream, I am already a mom." I had no idea how great it would be! Life is such a great teacher if you are willing to learn from it.

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