Friday, February 10, 2006

Confederate Flags, Walmart and Cell Phones

These are all things I have issues with. When I first moved to Atlanta I couldn't believe that this city would even put the Confederate Flag up for a "vote" to re-become the state flag! Daily, an article would appear in the AJC about how much heritage surrounded the rebel flag. Now, as a Yankee I found this SHOCKING. How on earth was this possible? There are actually people living here that think this is a good idea? I would see the Rebel Flag proudly waving in the breeze from the back of a jacked-up truck covered in mud. They also took the form of bumperstickers. How could people want a flag representing their sweet, southern state that signified so much pain for the majority of the Georgia population? Fortunately Georgia was able to come to their senses and went with a less-offensive version.

Next up is WalMart. I WONT shop there. Wont is a very powerful word. It means that I could in fact do something, I just choose not to. Walmart wont do business ethically and seeks to create quite the facade through their advertising that they are in fact, contributing to society. This is accomplished by hiring sweet elderly people to greet me at the door, hiring illegal aliens to work a bazillion hours a week with no benefits and to top it off, buying products offshore that are made by little children with no shoes on their feet. How can one shop there and not feel guilty about feeding the WalMartavore?

Onward to my disdain for Cell Phones. Stop answering them, you are simply not that important. Don't talk on the phone while ordering your meal at a restaurant. Don't call me and then put me on hold simply because your call waiting beeped, you're not that important. If you are a cellphone addict don't go to my gym and chat while you *pretend* to work out. You are clearly not working hard enough if you can chat on the phone! DON'T go to the bathroom at work while talking to YOUR CLIENTS on the phone. Don't ride your bike and talk on the phone, (I cant believe people do that) and lastly please stop disciplining your children while you talk to me, really now you can call me back after taking care of the situation.


SweetSouthernBelle1215 said...

I am shocked we have the same opinion on a few things .. I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote here ....

Anonymous said...

Confederate flag issue, understandable. Cell phones, completely agree. On the Wal-mart issue you are uninformed and wrong. Name one product produced under the conditions stated. Do you really think Target buys from different sources? Have fun attempting to buy American Made only products. Wal-Mart has become the whipping post for liberals, they are not perfect, no company is, but they have done more to elevate the standard of living for lower income families, than any corporation in America. These are the folks liberals claim to have the most compassion for. Nice liberal bashing attempt, but unfortunately erroneous and incorrect. I still love ya Di! We never had shooters a lunch like promised!

Anonymous said...

I agree on Wal-Mart and the silly flag situation. On cellphones, I'm afraid the tide is against you.

Cartersville said...

Interesting blog...a good read.

A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia