Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Elvis and I are now good friends

Boy am I refreshed! A good dose of Memphis ought to fix anyone. Seriously, if you cant have fun there you are an idiot. Blues, Bar-B-Q, Beer and The King of Rock n' Roll. What more could ask for? Aside from a tall dark handsome guy to sing you Elvis songs.

Graceland is surprising. Nestled into the ghetto of Memphis and nowhere near Beale St., it boasts an extensive amount of heart wrenching sentimentality. Fans are shuttled onto the beloved property and allowed to paruse the first floor, basement and grounds *ONLY*. No flash photography (unless by accident, like MOI), no video and dont even think of trying to walk onto the property if you happen to walk by. Aside from these oddities it was very moving. I found myself irritated with Lisa Marie and her complete lack of charisma given who her own father was.

Moving on you have to hit Beale St where you can buy beer from a "walk-up-window" at a bar and then continue on down the road, beer in hand. Blues music is everywhere! I felt like a little kid walking up to a parade thinking "oh let's go here, wait this looks better, let's go here" and ending with "man where do I start!".

Go to Memphis. Stay at the Peabody Hotel. Watch the ducks come off the elevator and dive into the hotel's fountain. Visit Graceland and pay some respect to Sun Studios. Then dance the night away at the Rum Boogie Cafe.

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