Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Man I am such a slacker!

Sorry I just couldn't think of anything snazzy to write about lately. Well, except for the utter prehistoric move South Dakota recently made against female reproductive rights. What the fuck is going on here? Why are we now going backwards? Do I have to go march bra-less in DC somewhere to resurrect the women's feminist movement of the 60's? How on earth did South Dakota get away with this? I mean they are tucked way up there in the frozen tundra section of our country away from societies that actually contribute to the betterment of mankind.

Nah, I don't want to get into the pro-choice conversation. I considered writing about Kristin Armstrong's article in Glamour about the reality of marriage. She hits the nail on the head baby! We throw all these parties for newly-engaged girls, usher them up the aisle and promptly turn the other cheek to the REALITIES of marriage when most of us know how awful it can get. I realize that advice on how to stay married, not loose yourself in marriage and grow with your partner are not words a sweet wedding-crazed bride-to-be wants to hear, however it's time we plucked our heads out of the sand and stopped the commercialization of "love". I mean we are not stooooopid, but we refuse to believe our handsome husband-to-be could possible be someone we would want to kill, especially over something dumb like snoring? Why not take a different approach to lifetime commitment? Instead of feeling like the plush toy "selected" by the metal claw and bedazzled (branded?) with a giant diamond ring why don't we give the man an obstacle course and some logic puzzles?

Nah, I need a new subject. I always bash marriage even though I really want to live happily ever after. How am I going to get away from my jaded stance of marriage and head towards my ideal of warm family meals, wally-wagon type family vacations and belly-laughing moments with more children? Any suggestions will be considered.

Lastly, there is a new show. "The New Adventures of Old Christine" staring Julia Louise Dreyfus as a single mom! It's fantastic! I just happened to catch the premiere of this new show last night. It's fantastic! Bravo! I will now watch this show every Monday night and feel fabulous that I too am a single mom.



glenda said...

Here's to all the single moms everywhere.

Belinda said...


You have got to get a grip. You know I love you, but your big mistake in life wAS marrying the wrong man in one month because you were unhappy about the way your life was going. And please, you're a mom. I'm not going to argue pro-life with you either, but you have a beautiful baby boy. Every fertilized egg will one day become a beautiful baby boy or girl. Can't you acknowledge that women who choose abortions 95% of the time do it for the simple reason they couldn't be bothered to have a child. It's the ultimate in slefishness. 40 million babies aborted. It's nothing to burn your bra about. And I could care less about what's the law or not. Has the feminist movement really been reduced to this one issue -- mothers killing their own children? You're in the minority on this, contrary to what NARAL tells you. It's thanks to technology where you can see how wonderfully created babies are, even at 4 weeks, 10 weeks old. If a woman can now look into the 3-D sonogram of her baby's face and say, yes I will kill that then great. But if she can't, don't blame the pro-ife movement for simply asking the question, how can you kill your own child. You've been pregnant. You know. Just think how much easier your life would be if there was no Wallace, if you had aborted him. Sure every woman should have a choice, but the pro-choice side should be working harder for the choice to be life and not a culture of death. Do you know now in England, babies are aborted for cleft palates, in India and China for being girls? 40 million babies aborted just in this country. The only silver lining to this horrific number, is statisticcs are now showing that it's mostly Democrat women who abort their babies. And in the 2004 elections, there would have been about 20 million 18 year olds that could have voted for John Kerry. Keep it up and in 20 years, Republicans will rule the world. Now you may want to burn your Democrat bra over that. Belinda

FlyDi said...

First off - hard to tell you actually like me by your comments here, but I'll let it slide cause I know you are naturally outspoken and that you DO in fact love me. Second, I totally agree with you on how much I would have regreted aborting Wallace - my point is that I had help. I had actually made an appointment to have an abortion because I was afraid. I spent time thinking about that choice, I saw a counselor and that person really helped me face my fears. I was afraid I wouldn't be a good mom and boy was I wrong! Thank god he did! I am so grateful for him. It is by that example that I want women who have unplanned pregnancies to have options and support. Simply banning abortion wont fix the problem, public health is more complicated than that. Women will still get abortions by illegal and unsafe means. Think coat hangers girlfriend. Why cant we meet in the middle and require counseling, create a mentor network for new, scared moms to spend time with someone who was in their very own situation (like myself) and had the baby, and took care of it. Show some compassion to women who are scared to death. Another idea, why not pour some energy into FREE birth control?

Your Republican bra is wrapped to tight! I refuse to support a law that forces a girl who has been raped, or even worse, raped by a family member to have that baby.


A said...

Dear Belinda -

Sounds like your blue collar, Southern upbringing and your hard earned GED are shining bright tonight!

What an ignorant statement to make. You should really do some homework on issues at hand before speaking. There is nothing worse than an UNEDUCATED, female Republican with an opinion.

- A

Belinda said...

Dear A-

I am a very well-educated woman with an MBA. I have also done an extensive amount of reading on the subject of abortion, its effect on women and what it is doing to our society. I have never lived in the South. In fact I am a friend of Di's from Boston. I happen to admire her for the choices she has made in regards to her child. Just because I happen to believe that aborting a baby is the wrong moral choice to make in life, that does not make me ignorant. However your pitiful attempts to call me names only reveals that you are unable to rationally defend your own selfish and uneducated position of abortion on demand. It's the coward's way of dealing with an issue. Didn't your mother ever tell you about 'sticks and stones'?