Friday, March 17, 2006

Purple Rain

OOOh! I got to see Prince last night courtesy of the "boyfriend of the year" candidate. Well actually it was this morning as he didnt come on stage till 12:20am. The ol' brain is a little foggy today. Prince is on tour, playing guitar for Tamar, Toni Braxton's younger sister. Tamar can sing! She can dance! She's gorgeous! I did some homework before the show and read reviews from other cities they had been to. Apparently Prince didnt play much of his own material and kept it all on Tamar. Not the case in the ATL though. The lights all went dark and then ...only the purple ones came on.....and OH MY GOD he played Purple Rain!! He segued right into Go Crazy, and the Tabernacle did. The floor was bouncing! Great's a video of Prince for you all taken just before a bouncer could figure out *who* had a camera and yank it out of their hand.

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