Thursday, August 23, 2007

Medieval Menthol Diapers

Dating a single mom requires a sense of humor. Seriously. It makes me feel vulnerable as I truly cant control what my 4 year old chooses to say (calling you his dad or some other male name) or for that matter DO. These moments should be embraced, remembered and reiterated at the perfect moment during Thanksgiving with his new girlfriend on a short visit to his "crazy moms" house. My boyfriend lives a caring, loving life with an infectious enthusiasm, THANK GOD cause I just cant imagine what I would have done if I found a used diaper in my messenger bag.

Yes. A used diaper. I left at oh-dark-thirty in the morning to bring my son to his new school, leaving my man sound asleep. Later, at a more reasonable time like 8 am, this lovely man gathered his things to head off to work he noticed that my son had disposed of his used "Feel-n-Learn" Pull-Up in his WORK BAG. Every night my son wears a diaper and now that he dresses himself he ALWAYS throws it in the trash. I almost didnt believe him when he told me about the "surprise" he found in his bag that morning.

Now, these diapers have some medieval menthol experience which helps him "learn" when he is wet and to get up and go to the bathroom. Not get up, take it off and toss it into the nearest bag!

Yay motherhood!

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