Monday, September 17, 2007

"Cause we love Caulk!"

I was in a sales presentation five years ago. The room was full of golf-shirt wearing men, about 200 of them, and I was teaching them how to sell leasing as a way of financing their customers expensive commercial painting equipment. Sexy job I know, but I sold my butt off in this job and traveled to sexy places called Albany. Albany is not pronounced ALL-bahny here in Georgia. It's AlllBainieeeeee? And there are more tractors there then people.

So...back to the meeting. 200 men, 2 women - both of whom are presenting. I sat down, in the back of the room as this lovely woman stepped and cheerleaded her way into history. She is apparently married to the man who supplies Sherwin Williams with all of their non-paint items.

"The quickest way to increase your sales is to?........"

The whole room responds with "sell non-paint items". And she continues, and man she is fired up! She is waving her hand in the air, she is projecting her voice perfectly and her perfect pumps are marching her ferociously up and down the center aisle of the Radisson Hotel ballroom. Then she says:

"That's right! Rollers, Paint Brushes and ?......"

And the room quietly mutters Caulk, chuckling to themselves. She trumps them, not even knowing it she SHOUTS out:

"Thats right! I LOVE CAULK!"

I sat there bewildered for a moment, unable to throw her a life line in any way. I felt so embarrassed for her. The whole room followed my same process, "pregnant" pause then fits of laughter. Now, let me explain her side of this. She said that cause the more Caulk the managers sell the more money her husband makes. So she really does love Caulk, just a different kind, bless her heart.


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