Friday, July 29, 2005

Wonder Woman was also called Diana

Hey, not bad eh? What cha think about that one?! I even have a clock that reads "with eye blurring speed, Di changes into her secret identity of the famous Amazon..."

Aint that the truth! And let me just point out that I have been repressing my famous amazonness. Had I not, I would have ripped a particular dude's head off this past week, tied my truth-telling lasso around him and thwaped him on the head via my high-heeled red boots. Mister platonic friend-guy, mister "I just want to make sure you don't think I am a dog". Oh No sweetie not at all! How could I when you show up at 11 with your clothes for the next day, dump me and then suggest that we become friends with benefits??? All of this just after you ask me to tell you how I feel, where I bravely admit to liking you a lot. No you're not a dog, or a snake - both of which would be an improvement over your current state of narcissism. You're more like the geek from high school who thinks he's cool now, licking the bowl of attention to make sure you didn't miss any. After pondering your valiant efforts to ensure I wasn't mad at you I have drawn the following conclusion; you don't want to feel guilty about indulging yourself in a fling with me that was driven by your insecure ego. NOT MY PROBLEM DUDE! Take your pretty blue eyes and scram.

Ladies, if it walks like an ass, and talks like one it's probably an ASS.

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