Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Everybody Loves An American Girl, right?

And most American girls have loved everyone. ha ha haha.

I am sorry folks, I am trying not to give up hope with dating but it's not a lot of fun. Apparently I tend to date (and marry, ha ha) lazy bums and have become surprised when a guy offers to help or even better, just plain helps out without being asked! After a rainy 4th of July I am all coupled out. This past weekend was a whole lot of happy couples and not a lot of reality, ya know? I mean my brother and his happy family, my sister and her fabulous man, my best friend and her guy - all of them having a great time together, and then there was me and my son. MY SON took it upon himself to dig out a photo album and run around showing everyone pictures of his father and saying in his cute baby voice "Daydeeee. dadeee." Um hello?!! Even if you have a cold black heart that would make you feel bad for the little guy. I still feel like a piece of crap as I am the "plaintiff" who whisked his dad away. *sigh* poor kid.
Anyway. back to the couple stuff. Lots of talk about big foofie weddings and stellar examples of how a man should treat his future sister-in-law (that would be me). I mean my sister's man is a good guy. He wasn't afraid of the two year old even though he was on his worst behavior and SCREAMING all weekend, he fixed my bathroom, he cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, he helped me carry stuff, he paid for gas, on and on and on.

I thanked him and even pointed out what a nice, helpful guy he is and how surprised I am by all the help. He replied with "Diane, I think you need to raise your standards."

I agree. but that would mean dating women.

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Anonymous said...

Your last comment was pretty funny. Men do have a propensity for being lazy and your brother-in-law is right, you might want to consider entertaining a man who might want to care for you without being asked first. I am in a relationship where my fiance does very little to help with things. I have been supporting the beginning of her new career, she works from home and I'm out 10 -12 hours a day trying to pick up the slack. And I don't mind, but when I have to come home and do our laundry, cook, vacuum, make the bed, and ask myself how my own day was after inquiring into hers.....I guess I'm the idiot. I know where you're coming from. An occasional lack in the give and take to benefit your partner isn't the end of the world, but if it's the norm then something's wrong, eh? Grrrrr!

I understand that she's stressed so I guess I shouldn't be saying too much but there is a point where a person has taken too much.You'll find your love when you aren't looking for it and it'll be beautiful and the two of you will intertwined until breath leaves your body. And then you'll get to search for them again the next time around. That's how I look at it.