Friday, November 18, 2005

2 beers, 2 glasses of wine and a martini...

Ought to numb the fury. Or one can hope at least. Not to mention throwing in a ride on the Fur Bus! WOOOO HOOO. - check out the interiors of these babies. This lovely little town just next door to Atlanta offers free rides on these party bussesses (how the hell do I write the plural version of bus?) and 20% off if you shop at the locally owned stores for the holidays. The furbusses drive you around blasting KC & The Sunshine Band's "shake, shake, shake...shake your boooty!" in pimped out interiors. I am talking zebra striped seats, fur covered ceiling, feathers, disco lights, BUMPIN music. Heaven if you ask me. I want the good ol' days back where I run out the front door and hop on the bus - the Fur Bus - and it takes me to work instead of school. At any rate this shopping idea is in fact a great idea. The stores have wine and snacks and it's just a nice way to shop if you ask me. Yes, bribe me with alcohol and I will shop - anything to avoid the damn malls. I always need to ease into my holiday shopping and the transition from buying things for my son or myself takes some effort. ha ha. At least this year my shopping list is way way down (dropped about 10-15 people) thanks to my divorce. Such a relief!

On a different note, mercury is retrograde for Gemini's right now. This means ABSOLUTE CHAOS. Anything than can go wrong will. In one fucking brilliant week here's what happened to me:
1. Loose my glasses - only owned this pair for about 8 months
2. Fall off my new bike - just learning how to use the new clip-in shoes
3. lock my keys and cell phone in my car after falling off bike
4. get written up at work for looking for a new job - I now have 90 days to improve my attitude
5. my suspicions confirmed an inter-office romance - not a big deal except the man involved WAS also inter-office-romancing ME too. loser.
6. one of my tenants rent check bounced causing all kinds of public rejection of my bank card. I LOVE THAT.

I know this list will grow longer and I only have to hang in there till December 4th when this fucking retrograde time period is over. That's a little bit more than two weeks.
Wish me luck!


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