Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cancer cluster found in Ashland?!

Woah, I just read this and am somewhat surprised that "they" would even admit that this exists! What happens now? Do the families get to sue? sue who exactly? I am so convinced that companies KNOW that the chemicals they put in the products we buy, consume, eat, swim in, touch....trust actually harm us.

click here to read the article on Boston.com

I used to live on the south shore of Boston. My former fiance and I both have thyroid disease. I find it hard to believe that that is a coincidence. He had a tumor on his thyroid he needed removed, I developed Grave's Disease. Just pointing out the ol' "must have been something in the water thing"....


JoJo said...

I totally forgot about Jeff's tumor. That is strange that you both have thyroid conditions...

At least we don't live near Ashland. Maybe they'll uncover something on the south shore, you can sue and retire to the Caribbean. :-)

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