Sunday, April 30, 2006

Triathlon #3

I am now officially a "triathlete" by my own standards. In my warped mind I determined that I wouldn't refer to myself as a triathlete until I had finished three races. So, yesterday I officially became one. This race was so nerve racking for me. After my race in Oregon last year I vowed to train all winter and come back with a vengence. I joined a tri-club, I swam, I lifted weights, I ran and ran and ran, I bought a fancy street bike and all the gear. What I didn't do was buy or wear a wetsuit ever. This was such a mistake on my part! I mean all of my training really helped out - I actually enjoyed this race more than anything as I was finally strong enough to do it. However, since it was April and the race started at 8AM we were allowed to wear wetsuits. I had heard that a wetsuit gives you bouyancy, making it easier to swim, so I was excited about this! I borrowed one from my coach and hung it on my closet door for a month - never swam it, just looked at it.

I wanted to puke I was so nervous standing on the beach yesterday. I was in the last wave, and waded into the water with both MEN and women (this is strange to swim with men). The announcer shouted "30 seconds" and I had to resist the urge to shit myself. Then the buzzer - and we're off like a "heard of turtles". ha ha. I swam so well for the first 100 or 200 yards! Bi-lateral breathing and full on crawl stroke thanks to many many laps in the pool this winter. The wetsuit kept me on top of the water, it was fabulous...well except I couldn't breathe. The suit was too tight and I could'nt take a deep breath...and I started to panic. I flipped over on my back to try to un-do the velcro neckline and unzip it. No dice. I flopped around a little more, doggie paddled or something - I dont really remember. I finally got the zipper unstuck and pulled the top off of my shoulders and let it drag around my waste. AIR, wonderful air filled my lungs and stopped panicing. It's amazing how instinctual we actually are as humans. I had to force myself to focus and start swimming again not to mention the "Diane it's ok just swim" I kept repeating to myself. I passed people! I swam and swam and kept passing people (there is NO better feeling than that, I am sorry). Finally I got out of the water and walked up the hill to my bike - my strength. I was so freaked out from the swim I took my time getting ready for the bike. It was an odd feeling of "why did I do that to myself" and dissapointment in myself.
I snapped out of it and slammed into the bike course with vengence! I am a badass on my bike!
I averaged a good 20mph throughout most of the course. Often I wanted to let up on the pace but told myself "you f-ed up the swim, the bike is the only thing you are good at so peddle damnit!", and there you have it. I raced into the transition for the run feeling redeemed and hoping I could run the whole way.
Sadly at the last 1/2 mile I ran off course as there was no sign and no person directing us to turn right. About 20 of us ran straight for about 5 minutes and realized we were off course. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished the race, and got a nice hug from my sweetie - another added bonus to this triathlon - my own fan!

As I wrote this I was getting bummed out - then I realized that I had a great race. I put my face in the water this time! I did the crawl for the most part instead of the side stroke, I had friends there from the tri club I am member of. I ran the whole way and then some! I finished. I started. I have my very own fan club this year.


Jess S. said...

CONGRATS, Di! I'm so proud of you!

Belinda said...

Di! I say this all the time, but you're amazing and soooo funny. Congrats! I think your body can afford the pop tart. And you could write a great funny bestseller with just the stories on your blog. I recommend it to all my friends!.

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