Friday, April 07, 2006

I consider myself a "Millennial Mom"

Fast Company published this fabulous article about "who are the moms of 2005". It's more about reaching these moms from a marketing perspective, but I was still intrigued by the different descriptions. I am exactly their description of the "Millennial Mom". And for those who are taking note I was 26 when my son was born.

"Age 27 or younger, Millennial Mom is the newest mom on the block, and she's the first generation to use technology to seamlessly blend work and life. Not long out of college or high school, she's facing many firsts: marriage, babies, insurance, jobs, maybe even owning a house. Hyper-connected and beyond tech savvy, Millennial Mom's world is both physical and virtual, bringing social connection and life-skills management as close as a computer or cell phone. She's busted out of previous generations' isolation challenges during those early, tethered-to-the-house years. You'll find her plugged into or, sharing worries, excitement, and ideas with her online family. Products like mythum mobile coupons and Infinity Broadcasting Visual Radio -- delivered right to her cellphone -- resonate with her values of connectivity and access, seamlessly going where she goes."

They forgot to mention divorce as one of the many firsts she might be experiencing! I dont recall much from those hazy first 6 months of mommyhood. I do remember the voracious reading I was doing to learn how to be a mom. haha. I signed up on, parent magazine, etc etc to make sure I was learning the latest way to make baby food at home. Last weekend I pulled out my "The Happiest Toddler On The Block" book just to check on some interesting behavior patterns my son is now demonstrating. It occured to me that I hadnt read any baby books, magazines or how-to guides on parenting in quite a while! My motherhood-confidence had apparently stepped in a while ago when I wasn't looking and guess what is so cool about that? I TRUST MYSELF to make the best decision for my child on my own! woo hoo!

And to think I didnt know how to change a diaper when he was born!

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Anonymous said...

OMG - that is the most endearing picture. Miss you tons, TB