Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wicked Pissa Summah, so fah

Went home for almost 10 days recently. I strapped the soon-to-be-3-year-old into his very own seat on the plane, set up the portable DVD player, Thomas the Tank Engine Trains, milk, snacks and promptly flew to Boston. I cried a little as we landed at Logan (and again when we left. big time) as I clearly have romantisized Boston to an unrealistic level. Obviously visiting New England in the summer is a great idea, the weather is usually pretty nice. Had I landed in January I might not of cried. Or maybe I would have but for other reasons. Um helllooo, it's polar bear cold there in January.

I am sitting at my desk right now, alone, with just Sting playing as I type. It's amazing how little time we have to ourselves. I rarely get to just go home and do nothing. No plans. I remember days where I would wake up at 11AM and think "hmmm. what do I want to do today?". They seem so foreign to me now as I have to blow a whistle and pray for nap time to get a moment to "do what I want".

10 days with my little cherub! 10 DAYS. Cant remember the last time I spent that much time with him. He ate a nice peach pie his grandmother made and couldn't grasp that the word "pie" ended after the letter e. In a rather adorable fashion he kept calling it "pirate". Utterly fantastic info for story telling when he is older if I do say so myself! "Where's my pirate?" or "Hey that's MY pirate!" he proclaimed. While visiting friends my son ran around with some other kids touting fake plastic guns (that made loud, annoying semi-automatic sounds). At one point we all decided to go for a walk - and as my son came over to me I literally said "Hey, put the gun down we're going for a walk". I will never get to live that one down. How did those words come out of my mouth? I mean it is a toy gun - but it was simply hilarious to hear myself saying that. I digress.

I visited Martha's Vineyard, went sailing, went to the beach, ate food constantly, sat in rocking chairs, visited Lowell and Westford and my beloved Boston. I for once was a for-real tourist in Fanuel Hall. It's much better that way. Most cities don't have areas like that - street performers, shops, ocean, canolli's, etc all right there. We made a Wally The Green Monster (now being called a dinosaur) at The Build-A-Bear factory, visited Fenway and ate at my favorite restaurant - the 99. Oh! And we rode the T. That alone brought back so many memories of waitressing and being poor, etc. All good stuff!

It's hot as balls in Georgia right now, high 90's every day! I am literally melting.

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