Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Red Sox Nation South!

Yeah baby! What a dose of home I recieved this weekend! My boyfriend bought tickets to all three of the Red Sox games versus the Braves this past weekend. Yep, I went to a baseball game Friday night, Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday night. Sunday was the best game by far! The red sox fans out numbered the braves fans by 5-1, and what a rude awakening for Brave's fans. They dont have the same passion for their team like the red sox fans do. Nothing feels better than 40,000 people cheering "Let's go red sox" over and over. Felt like home somewhat. The Brave's fans couldn't be heard for christ sake. The Atlanta Journal Constitution called Turner field "Red Sox Nation South" on Monday. Out in the parking lots the tailgating was mainly being done by Red Sox fans. It was just great! I heard comments like this "ahhh those fucking christians!" dripping with a Boston accent - all because some huge church choir from Georgia came out to sing. Ahh music to my ears. He was even a fat sweaty bastard and as he hiked up to the very top row, where we were all sitting, my boyfriend pointed out his ticket stub. It was stuck somewhat "under" his arm, in his armpit. I was baffled. "Do you think he knows it's there?" I said. We really couldn't tell.

So, here are a few notes for the idiot Brave's fans I came across:

1. We are not booing home-run-hitting extroadinare Kevin Youkilis, we are cheering "Youuuuuu!"

2. Dont ever wear a yankees hat or shirt "just for fun" and expect us to be nice, dumb asses. It's similar to the "issues" ya'll have over the civil war.

3. Northerner's swear. get over it.

4. Stop with the racial degradation of our two best players, Manni and Papi. Do you know how big David Ortiz is? He is 6'4, 230 pounds. And, they are not from Mexico you dumb fucks.


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