Monday, August 14, 2006

I just hit a new low....

I felt the need to confess the most heinous thing ever to the entire world, immediately, at this very moment - for fear of it taking over my life. I just downloaded Europe's "Rock the Night" and I fear I may go dig out the can of Aqua Net residing under my sink and well, ya know - do my hair. Oh I cant shake it either, I may just show up at work with black eyeliner melted onto my eyes and ...jesus! Must turn Europe off. right now.

I blame Gene Simmons and his new show on A&E for resurecting my hairband lust. It's fantastic! Rock god shows soft cuddly side and I cant get enough of Gene, the man I now call "papa demon". Not to mention the constant witty banter from his "midgets" (he calls his 6'7 kid a midget? brilliant) and lovely wife, who I secretly wish was my friend. She has my sense of humor and shit man, she was a mega playboy centerfold, she could have anyone. Just what I like in woman, relentless sense of humor and a nice rack. Ha ha.

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