Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's Wednesday, again. My son has blossomed before my very eyes. He is using the potty extensively, and enthusiasticly asking for my approval each time he does. Like an old man he sits on his potty, Madagascar underwear around his ankles, reading "Everybody Poops" out loud to me. "moooom. Elephant poops. da bird poops. Nemo poops." It's adorable.

I just now went home to straighten up my place during my lunch break, and again the "joint custody black cloud" started raining on me. I opened the door to my place and noticed the third tub of play-dough my son was franticly begging me to find before he left for school tucked next to the entertainment center. "Find it mommie! pwease!" I impatiently rushed him out the door and told him I would find it later. He cried for a minute about it and got over it. After noticing the play-dough my glanced over to my sofa, where a bundle of grapes sat on the cushion. Grapes just sitting on the couch, not in the fridge where I put them last. Apparently as I got dressed the little guy helped himself to some more grapes. By my foot lay a headless, plastic T-rex, and I quietly began to cry as I picked up the grapes. I could easily let the wave wash over me and have a complete sob fest - reeling in the pain of this weekly seperation. I sat on my sofa - paralized, daydreaming about kissing him good bye at school this morning. He turned to me in the classroom as I put his things in his cubby and said "Mommie? you come back?". "no, I will see you on Monday - today you get to see your daddy!" I said with a fake enthusiasm I am sure he can pick up on. He grabbed my hand and said "ok, I go bye bye". He clearly understands that he wont see me for some period of time now. I bear hugged him and told him I loved him and this time I got an "I love you too..." back.

I write about this cause I might die if I keep this all inside. I have friends who's 3 year old children cant comprehend the sentence "Mommie? you come back?" as they are NEVER apart from them.

oh the envy......



jimmyp said...

how old is he? Euan is not ready yet, at 2 and 4 months.

jimmyp said...

don't publish this one, but that was a very sad post.

Anonymous said...

Isn't potty training great. I thought my daughter would be wearing pull ups in college. She finally relented but now when she poops I have to stay with her and make up a different story every night! It's amazing how kids adapt especially when they are loved. Too bad us adults are the ones who get damaged.
Great writing very vivid.