Friday, February 16, 2007

The Results: D Student gets a B!

So the response from the voting comittee has been entertaining to say the list. Here is a compilation of them, in no particular order.

"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are way better at Valentine's Day than my husband and I are!!! I"m going to forward this to him so he can start thinking about next year! hahahah...
I love the "Love Potion". GREAT idea, so sweet... I may steal that idea for an anniversary gift. By the way - WAY TO GO on the handmade card and SCRAPBOOK (!?!!). Nevermind the hand decorated toothbrush holder. This is a very tough call!!!"

You know I love ya girl. But, the boy has you beet for the sheer level of pampering. Damn!!!"

"Ok, now that I’ve stopped puking ; ), I’m going with Chris. Love potion with rain water from your first kiss & a Goddess Crown? That’s good stuff… AND, he remembered to get something for the little guy? Yup, Chris. Nice effort on your part, though. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to get the image of your foot in his mouth out of my head. "

"Ok I think we're all going to have to work to get that foot image off the brain! Well said!!!!!And thank you for the laugh, I so needed that! My vote is Chris as well"

"OK, I’m finally going to vote. Let me preface it by saying that both contestants obviously put a lot of effort into the gifts, and the Academy thanks them for their submissions.

[rips open envelope]

And the winner is ….


Or at least I’m voting for you, Diane, because it was such a big leap for you to do all the stuff you did. So, like a Most Improved Award for the D student who gets a B on his homework… we should encourage you to keep doing more killer cute stuff. Even if you make us puke. And you do. ;)"

"OK….D you always have my vote…I loved Chris’s list and I am not tossing my groceries, creative and clever, not to mention fun – like to leave a lot to the imaginationJ
But, Estrogen Girls are thicker that water and we have to stick together – besides I lived the Tight(lycra) Red Dress with Big Hair days in the 80’s in Dallas - Let’s hear it for Texas Hair! You have a vote D."

"I'm withholding my vote until I get to see the pictures and video at home. It is neck and neck.
You must be twitterpated if you pulled out the crafting!"

"So glad you had a great valentines day! I’m abstaining from voting—that way there’s a better chance of a tie, and that’s the loving spirit I like to encourage. Everyone wins!"

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