Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Competition Part Deux

The votes are still coming in, and I will post them as I get them. Currently, in my own opinion, we are neck and neck. In my effort to create a simple, low-key valentines day I discovered I had done quite the opposite. I am very competitive in nature, and up against someone who proclaimed “I was born for this competition” being an Italian Scorpio and all. He was right. Without further ado…I will begin.

Me first of course.
1. Dinner, 4 courses. 1. Melon wrapped in prosciutto, 2. Tri-color Tortellini 3. Home made Chicken Marsala 4. Italian cookies (his favorite)
2. Tight sexy red dress – big hair
3. 15 candles lit all over my living room
4. HAND MADE CARD (exacto knife bayby! Thanks Taran!)
5. Toothbrush for all the time he spends over at my place
6. Toothbrush holder decorated with heart stickers and glitter
7. Hand made scrapbook of our experiences / emails, poem and fill-in-the-blank letter. I also included the emails from TWO YEARS ago when we emailed.
8. Framed picture of us, with alternative pics of me – one in color and one in black and white
9. Enthusiastic 3 year old – loving everything going on, “mom, what’s that? It’s nice. That’s pretty. I like it” in regards to the candles. He also supported my case by blurting out “I love you Chris” several times throughout the evening. I haven’t even said that yet! Lastly, he plopped down next to the chocolate and strawberries dropping one heavily soaked berry on the floor....ahhhh motherhood.

Chris’s game:
1. Hand made “Goddess Crown” – see picture
2. Forget roses, he brought rose petals to poor into a foot soak/bath he brought with him
3. Foot bath w/ mandarin salt scrub
4. Before the foot bath began he provided strawberries on stems with hot fudge dipping sauce, to eat while getting my feet scrubbed
5. THE CARD: A Rocky Balboa-themed Valentine’s Day card – see picture and video
6. Poem
7. Really cool sparkly-glitter light for the little guy (tried to keep him in his room and go to bed with it, had the opposite effect)
8. Love Potion: while soaking my feet in hot water, bath salts & rose petals he made a love potion. One part “rain water from our first kiss” it was raining that night, One white petal for falling in love with me, One red petal for our first valentines day together. All in a little bottle that has a special red satin bag to keep it in. Woah.
9. After foot soak the foot massage starts.
10. Blindfold
11. Bliss – but I am not getting into the details…..but it was ridiculous

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