Monday, February 12, 2007

First Annual Valentine's Day Competition

So. My hot italian scorpio has turned into my boyfriend. Not sure how this all happened, aside from falling under his seductive spell, I can only imagine that "someone" (fairy godmother?) arranged this. In a quite unusual fashion I absorb all of the attention he gives rather than eschewing it and walking down the street with my hands stuffed firmly in my pockets. I let him hold my hand with both of his own hands all pressed up against his chest as we walk IN PUBLIC. woah! Actually, he just grabbed my hand - I didnt have much say in the matter unless I wanted to yank it away and cause a scene, which I have done so it's all possible. I have never been good with PDA and have often viewed affectionate men as weak. Let's just say I have learned in my more mature days...and now I love it. I giggle and look forward to it.

So far he has surprised me with flowers part of a scavenger hunt around my apartment with numerous cards, gelato (of course!) for dessert, etc. I'm smitten and happy and actually spending time with a man who is not emotionally retarded.

For Wednesday I have turned Valentine's Day into a competition. Doth this surprise thee? Our friends will vote on who came up with the best overall effort as I will document it with pictures and such. No kidding, if it's a competition I am there. Big time. Bring it! So I plan to *try* to beat him but I am going up against a former massage therapist who was born to win these types of challenges. A line from his match profile read "I'm Italian, I'll make you lasagna then makeout with you on the countertop" - hence why I went out with him. Can you blame me? What's really ironic is he and I emailed each other 2 years ago via match. We went back and forth and he sent me a stupid joke to which I never responded. That was it. I figured it all out based on one picture he had on his profile - I remembered it and then asked him about it. Turns out I was right. Something about that I find amusing.

I told him what I went through recently, and he lovingly hugged me. I told him the whole story. That alone was scary but that kind of openness and honestly has only been paying me back in spades.

Stay tuned for the photo montage of the competition.....

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