Sunday, January 08, 2006

If I ever get married again

Now this is more like it! Enough with all the frills, flowers and tom-foolery at weddings. It's time Rock n Roll made it's way to the aisle. I have been in so many weddings as a bridesmaid and strolled down the aisle to some romantic classical music as my delicate virgin feet stepped on rose petals, blah blah blah. BARF. Let's throw some electric guitar in there! A rock band that cuts into AC/DC as soon as the first kiss is over with a wild version of "Shook me all night long".

If I ever get married again I will request this electric guitar version of a tried-n-true wedding song. It's simply fabulous, not to mention the hot Japanese guy performing it from his little bedroom. Click on the title of this post "If I ever get married again" to see it.

I am insane. I know. You all love it.



Anonymous said...

Why not have all the guys in KISS make-up and all the girls B-52 beehives?


Matt J. Duffy said...

That's awesome. I'm a big fan of Google video too ...