Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Man/Men Update

Hey now! I have two irons in the fire (interesting visual comes to mind as I type this) currently. If I had to write down everything I am looking for in man, this guy would be it - but he's older, like 14 years older. But I am being open-minded and trying not to rule out men for no real reason. We had a very nice date last week, where I even asked for advice on dealing with my sons tempertantrums. He flat out wouldnt offer any advice unless I directly asked him for it - KUDOS for that one. And continued to point out how I was rewarding him for acting poorly. My attempt to give him a train, cookie, kiss, movie was encouraging his behavior. He's not dumb. I dont get to charm him as he sees right through it - and even explained how much he enjoyed talking with me once I was no longer "on". The odd part is his complete unwillingness to share his "rock star" side, as I call it. Now he plays the guitar and sings, he even had gigs all over the city. But mum is the word. He explained that he is tired of women falling for that side of him and not getting to know him, as a person. Understandable - yet odd. Dont most men strive to find that one thing that lures the ladies in? Wouldnt most men dream of being able to shred a guitar and make women's nipples hard over it? I offered up the following analogy: "So that's the equivilant of me wearing sweatpants and no makeup to our first date cause I dont want you to just like me for my pretty face". He laughed. I still dont know much about the music thing. In the middle of our date, all 6'4 of him said "Oh I could so pick you up"...as I described being an amazon and feeling like I could carry most of the men I date out of the burning building. If that man does in fact pick me up, I will get a picture and post it - I havent been picked up in 20 years. Ever since I hit 5'9 that "dream" ended.

NExt up is my Italian Scorpio. Damn this man is hot. A former massage therapist (oh now that doesnt suck) with beautiful hands, from the Bronx. Booyah! He swears and says "fahgetaboutit" and doesnt realize the humor in doing so. We had a nice long date on Sunday, full of dating stories and erotic glances over candlelight. He's very spiritual and into art, classical music, astrology, energy, etc. BUT he could kick my ass and everyone elses ass due to the simple fact he's a highly trained MMA fighter. That means "Mixed Martial Arts" which also means "I have rock hard abs and can tie you in a pretzel while slapping you across the face" or "I can pin you down and do naughty things to you..." for those of us who think that way. ;)

Here's the "ball of hair" (go see Fever Pitch if you dont get that reference)...he could be my x's twin. Seriously, there is such a striking physical resemblance between the two it's uncanny. I am tempted to post pictures of them, but I think that's illegal.

So - I am seeing both this week. Not bad for dusting myself off and moving on I say.

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