Friday, January 12, 2007

Thirsty Scholar Pub

I used to live above this pub in Somerville Massachusetts. It was like a sitcom, seriously. My best friends lived in the apartment above me, and I lived with a hilarious Cuban copywriter and we all pretty much spent most of our evenings in this pub. Very London-esque of me. Parties such as "Easter Eggs & Margaritas" were hosted upstairs and the group of tramps formerly known as the All Girls Kazoo Band would reconvene the next morning for brunch at this pub. This was to make sure we were all alive and to get the dirt on the poor young man someone had "deflowered".

I lived there during the 2002 world cup - and let me tell ya, that was the place to be! at 7Am I could hear folks cheering and screaming through my floor. Excellent. Now that is the apartment to have! Often times we would wander down the street and buy a large cheese pizza for $5 bucks at Dial-a-Pizza, eat half of it and then sell the other pieces to drunks stumbling out of the bar for $2 bucks. In the end, we'd get paid to eat our own pizza if you do the math.

I love that place. Go eat there if you are in Somerville, it's fantastic.

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