Friday, June 24, 2005

Awwww....Boston you're my home

I JUST got home from work and ran smack into an email containing this link.

I am now insanely homesick. I miss the cobblestone streets, the summer concerts, the sail boats on the Charles, all the Italians, the Irish, the students. sniff. sniff. I miss *gasp* Mike's Pastries, I miss Foodmaster, I miss the peruvian band that performs all summer in Harvard Square, I miss WALKING around a city and the smell of candy coated roasted peanuts, I miss all the suits and happy hours, I miss all the construction workers with their igloo coolers for lunch boxes. I miss taking the T, I miss Fenway Park and the Patriots.

I moved to Atlanta so I could be married to my x-husband. We agreed to live in both cities and figure out where we wanted to go from there. We never ever left Atlanta. In part because I discovered I was pregnant and couldnt stop vomiting. But MAN DID I GET THE SHIT END OF THE STICK OR WHAT?!!!! I am now stuck here in Atlanta. By stuck I mean I have to go to court and fight a custody battle to have any chance of taking my son back east with me. That's only if the courts think that's a good idea for him. They first evaluate the life I will be taking him from - which consists of a big family (my x's family of course) and lots of cousins. He loves his grandma. To top it all off if the courts agreed to let me leave WITH my child I would then be the reason he was no longer visiting with his father. This would cause great resentment in him and he would then leave me when he is a teenager, in the middle of the night I am sure, to go live with his dad in georgia.
That sucks. So I am stuck in Atlanta.

wahhhhh haaaa haaa.

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