Friday, June 17, 2005

The Beaver

On a recent trip to Washington DC I encountered a beaver. I was strolling along, enjoying Roosevelt Island and it all it has to offer when I noticed a beaver. I was in shock. I frantically wrestled my camera out of my purse and chased after it. It was swimming very fast and I had to jog somewhat along the bike path to catch the above picture. I then realized it was a big fat RAT.

I told a friend of mine about this, and in between fits of laughter he mentioned that Washington himself might have seen a beaver a couple hundred years ago AND did it not occur to me that I was in a major metropolitan area?? Ok. no. it did not.

I sent this picture to him and warned him "dont take a sip of coffee and read this email. snarfing coffee hurts."

he responded with "so does snarfing beaver".

2 points for that comeback! nice job!

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