Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Southern Thank Yous.

Why do you fucking southern belles not now how to say "You're welcome" when I thank you for your fake kindness?? Do you have any idea how fucking irritating it is to hear "mmmm hmmmm" back???? what are you agreeing too exactly? I say "Thank you so much" and you say "mmmm hmmmm". What the fuck is that?!!! I'll tell you what I think it is. You are agreeing with me that I am so fortunate to have run into you. I say "thank you so much for holding the door" while I carry 15 bags, a toddler and an anvil, and you say "mmm hmmm" because you agree that it is indeed nice of you to hold the door for me. So I ask you, are you really holding the door for me or are you simply doing so out of your own guilt? If you dont want to hold the door THEN DONT.



HeyAge said...

Yes, that would drive me nuts too. Especially with the whole "Southern Hospitality" thing that I look forward to when I visit. We are currently working on trying to get our band to do a mini tour in the Fall 05 of GA, NC & FL (all depends on budget of course) but I might have a chance to experience the dreaded "uummm humm" factor for myself. The South will rise again, umm humm!!

Anonymous said...

"MmmmHmm" IS the southern way of saying "you're welcome" in cases such as holding a door open as you describe. In fact, it's simply understood that these things should be done & no 'thank you' is even required. It is a humble "you're welcome", confusing I know to all y'all yankees but not at all meaning (usually?) what you describe! just thought Id clear that up!

SweetSouthernBelle1215 said...

Let me start off by saying .. I am a Southern Belle my mothere is from NC and my Father is from BOSTON .. and I can say with all honesty that my heart lies in the south .. I have spent time in both places .. and the south is a much friendlier kinder place to be. I have also noticed a trend with Women from the North that their priorities are a bit skewed.. Women such as yourself put themselves before their family and their children..Your carreer means more to you than your child .. Your "ME" time is more important to you than the time you could be spending with your child..sadly enough I have read your blog and was very unimpressed with the person you are ..It is not enough to just keep a human being "alive" you must have compassion and love and be able to ineract with that child on their level . It is not about knowing when they are going to fall or get hurt it is about being able to comfort that child when they do get hurt and have the gentleness that all mothers should have .. That touch that makes everything in the world right in that childs world. You are exactly what I would expect from a woman that was raised in Boston .. Please do not take that as a compliment because it is not intended as one ..I have read your entire blog and the only person you truly are concerned about is YOURSELF... Maybe if you were a better woman you wouldn't be divorced or maybe you could find yourself a nice well educated man.. As for myself I am a well educated Southern belle that puts my family ahead of everything else. So grow up and learn what is truly important in life .. Stop with all the "poor me's"and stop throwing yourself all the pitty parties you induldge yourself with .. and start being a REAL WOMAN and a REAL Mother! ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Let me start off by saying that sweetsouthernbelle1215 should know about what she speaks before she pontificates or spews such ugliness. I know this "blogger" you speak of and I know her well. That you dog her makes me insanely upset. I see her every week with her child and know that nothing and no one is more important to her than this child. Having said that, she is an adult who has and will continue to provide for herself emotionally instead of placing that burden on her children as would appear you do. Your children have the potential to grow up with the inflated sense of self due to you making them the center of your universe. Take responsibility for your own emotional state and show your children by example as this "blogger" does every day. Do not burden your children with your "family first" crap attitude. We all have our family's needs first so don't go thinking you're something special with that directive or that you wrote the book on that topic. Because you choose to place your children's needs above your own needs gives them the sense that they are more important than others, that their needs will and must be met first before considering anyone elses. It will be our good- natured, well behavied, kind and caring chldren who will bail this country out of the financial and social ruins your children will leave it in and we will have people like you to thank for raising such selfish and self centered little bastards Like GW Bush.
Southernbelle1215, thank you from the bottom of my own southern heart. I am glad to know this blogger and find her to be one of the most repsectable, intelligent and kind mothers I've ever met. You've reminded me of how good she really is and off-center southern women can be. Thank the maker we aren't all like you!!