Wednesday, June 22, 2005

To the loser who STOOD ME UP

Here comes a for real WHAT THE FUCK?? Yeah - you will read this I am certain as you check my blog out from time to time. I am so irritated with you, not because you STOOD ME UP but because you and I talked on the phone about all the LOSERS I have met off of fucking We joked about this. You assured me you were not one of them. You offered encouragement, you suggested getting together and even wrote to me to tell me you were looking forward to it. Well, congrats you have now skyrocketed yourself from "what a cool guy, cant wait to meet him" to the top of the fucking loser pile. Yep - NUMERO UNO spot is now yours. I have never been stood up before. EVER. YOU even called to tell me you overslept and were on your way!!! Dear god, why bother? Whomever you met the night before must have been in the shower when you called me so SHE probably had no idea what a busy guy you were SUPPOSED to be.

Did I scare you off when I told you about the bodybuilder lunatic I dated in Boston who shaved his legs?
(click here to see who I am talking about)

I mean you did mention that you had at one point been a power lifter.

So, Luke or "Freekat109" for doing this I am going to suggest some new screen names for you to use on


Good luck to you. If you see me, dont say Hi and expect me to be thrilled to see you. In fact, you should duck if you are that DUMB.


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emma30000 said...

iradius!!!! Scott!!!

You dated him????

What was that like???

I met him on and we didn't get through the first phone conversation without him having a maniacal rant. He seemed psychotic!

I really thought that he seemed dangerous. Very cute, but too crazy to even talk to.